Nobody messes with Joe Biden! Too bad he can’t remember the “website number” of – and this is the man in charge of the porkulus bill

HAHAHAHAHA. – and remember, it was the B. Hussein Obama campaigne who made that commercial ragging on John McCain because “he couldn’t use a computer”.

But don’t worry. He’s gonna make sure our tax dollars are all present and accounted for.

Because nobody messes with Joe.

Reason TV will have to re-cut their Biden Greatest Gaffes video and add the flub:

Real man of genius! Joe Biden!


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  • diane

    No!!! I want the gubmint out of our lives.

  • The Political Hack

    good stuff coming from a known plagiarist.  Veep Joe B. not in a better, more secondary role, tucked away where he can do less damage

  • Beverly Caravella

    what more could I say?  He says his blubbers in ways top comedians could not do as well.  He needs a blubber award!

  • Sjchase0012

    Biden is a certified idiot.  does anyone remember his brain surgery a decade ago?   I was surprised they found one to operate on.   Totally brain-damaged.

    • mystere

      Wasn’t that the surgery that Dr. Howard Dean presided over? I thought they implanted part of a dead chicken’s brain into his skull. He ended up looking like this.

      • mystere

        And here’s more surgery Biden went through with B0B0 by his side.

  • Douglas Moore

    That was funny. What a jerk. We need somebody in office that American can be proud of.

  • mystere

    OH BOY! Sometimes you just can”t fix stupid! 0bamabots…OH MY!

  • H3adHunt3r

    3 letter word: JOBS J-O-B-S JOBS!!!

    -Joe Biden.

  • morality1776

    Where is the Gaffe where he said its 3 words, but came out to 5?