Maxine “dirty” Waters Helped Steer Bailout Funds to Bank With Family Ties

Theres a reason why she earned the name Maxine “Dirty” Waters out here in California. Here is a prime example why. Acccording to Fox News and Michelle Malkin Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., helped steered millions of dollars in bailout funds to a bank on whose board her husband served. The bank also didn’t appear to meet the requirements for receiving the money. Waters, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, arranged a meeting in September between Treasury officials and the chief executive of OneUnited, one of the country’s largest black-owned banks, which requested $50 million in special bailout funds.

Update – 3/13/09

Michelle Malkin has a syndicated column today entitled: Maxine Waters: Banking on hypocrisy

Maxine dirty Water’s response? You guessed it. YOU ARE RACIST!

Heres a quote from her from Polictico’s story:

I am indeed an advocate for minority banks. Despite my public and consistent advocacy, news reports suggest that somehow I have acted improperly

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  • Tommy Richards

    Why aren’t there any law makers demanding the appeal of the Community Reinvestment Act(CRA)?

    Why aren’t the law makers, along with their lobbyists, who were directly involved in promoting and passing this legislation and its subsequent statutes, being brought before Congress for some intense questioning?

    Why haven’t Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, et al been brought up on corruption charges for the favorable and preferential treatment each received from pushing the bailout scheme?

  • Tommy Richards

    When will the `Commie-Centric’ Maxine Waters be dragged through the halls of Congress onto the floor of U.S. Congress for a real `grilling’?

  • http://None CK aka Karolyn

    I got a stern warning while working at a government agency years ago. Over something dumb but ..I think I was doing my best parody of Jackie chan doing singing the “War” rendition and his “My favorite n***word.”
    never mind the two folks I were speaking to were black and we were all laughing BUT one stuporvisor overheard so I was “encouraged” to take a college course on “Cultural Awareness.”

    Upon return of receiving my “A” grade I told said Stupervisor and her friends during a um “review….”

    “….there is no such thing as race except the human race which was a test question( I got right). I think that one was what started a severe paper trail and if I hadn’t gotten badly injured I probably would have been fired despite letters from my friends what hoax it all was…sadly “race” is more a sensitive issue than ever before.

    One of the strange “accusations was “She bowed to me.” Well being that I used to teach martial arts9 mostly tae Kwon Do) I probably did…so i had to get a psychological evaluation also, which i found to be illegal.

    Oh yes, funny thing( well not really), there was supposed to be a “single’ record but through the scuttlebutt I found said stuporvisor to have a second set of “personal” records( Common practice working in some government areas) and I “happened” to find and “slipped”,accidently xeroxed every single alleged “illegal file that didn’t exist.” Never used it, because I was badly injured a bit later on but the stuff this person was saying, writing, and “setting up” was incredible! When I left I sent along a copy to one friend that had been in our joke telling, and one to a certain agent ….even so I doubt anything will,”Change.”

    I wonder if Maxine Waters has records and files like these. Maybe she feels she needs them….just my opinion however.

    Don’t worry Michelle, if it wasn’t all so serious this would be a joke.

  • redhawk

    When is Congress going to flush out of the Cesspool the Maxine Waters.. Barney Franks.. Chuck Schumers… Obamas .. ( Dodd is RUnning already)… who mightiuly Knew all about Freddie and Fannie in the earlt 2000’s But being mightily “bought” by Rraines.. Gorelick.. and Johnson Closed Both eyes and ignored the impending DISASTER??????