Maxine “dirty” Waters Helped Steer Bailout Funds to Bank With Family Ties

Theres a reason why she earned the name Maxine “Dirty” Waters out here in California. Here is a prime example why. Acccording to Fox News and Michelle Malkin Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., helped steered millions of dollars in bailout funds to a bank on whose board her husband served. The bank also didn’t appear to meet the requirements for receiving the money. Waters, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, arranged a meeting in September between Treasury officials and the chief executive of OneUnited, one of the country’s largest black-owned banks, which requested $50 million in special bailout funds.

Update – 3/13/09

Michelle Malkin has a syndicated column today entitled: Maxine Waters: Banking on hypocrisy

Maxine dirty Water’s response? You guessed it. YOU ARE RACIST!

Heres a quote from her from Polictico’s story:

I am indeed an advocate for minority banks. Despite my public and consistent advocacy, news reports suggest that somehow I have acted improperly

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