Meet Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty – the latest RINO

According to Michelle Malkin and Minnesota Public Radio:

State officials say Minnesota is working on a pilot program to test the idea of charging drivers for each mile they drive. Other states around the country are considering a vehicle mileage tax, as revenues from the gas tax are expected to decline.

St. Paul, Minn. — The cost of each gallon of gas includes 18.4 cents to fund federal highway programs, and another 25.5 cents for roads in Minnesota.

But as cars and trucks get better mileage, the gas tax isn’t keeping pace with the need for roads and road work. So another option is gaining traction in Minnesota — a high-tech mileage-based user fee.

“We realize that in the future, cars aren’t going to be powered by fuel, probably,” said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who signed into law $5 million for the current biennium to study the mileage tax.

Pawlenty said the state is now working on a pilot program to try it out, with an eye toward cars that aren’t even on the road yet…

…The idea is still in the planning stages for now, but the state Department of Transportation will likely ask for proposals on the technology this summer. Satellite technology and computers could turn literally turn every vehicle in Minnesota into a smart car.

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  • Sarah

    As a Minnesotan, I’m disappointed with our governor for capitulating on this. Maybe he’ll offer a “This is what I meant” speech and reassure us that a mileage tax won’t be imposed until a certain percentage of vehicles on the road are no longer dependant on gasoline, but why even consider it now–and why in the hell is he allocating tax-payer money for this? Is he deluded enough to think that by spending our money on this “research/preparation” he’ll be saving us money in the long run?

    Or am I just being hyper-sensitive to ANY attempt to impose MORE TAXES on us? For crying out loud! Why can’t government practice operating below its means, for a change, so that it can really stimulate the economy by lowering our taxes and giving back to the taxpayers the money saved by practicing some fiscal discipline?

    I thought we Minnesotans were fortunate to have a governor like Tim Pawlenty. What a disappointment. My family is struggling right now, tightening our belts more and more to live below our shrinking means. We don’t see government as our nanny or big brother. This is betrayal and exploitation.

    And if the governor goes ahead with this asinine and insulting plan, we WILL move to another state. Good luck taxing a shrinking population into oblivion.

  • Cat

    who has the right to make ppl pay for each mile they drive??? are you crazy?? this is betrayal! I use to look up and support Tim Pawlenty.. He just lost my vote. would this man be paying out of his pocket daily?? No! he gets to be driven around…and daily soke up the governments money that we are forced to pay. Former presidents would be rolling over in their graves today if they knew how evil and corrupt our government has become. I pray to God that you all don’t sleep well at night!
    What happened to tax cuts????????????????????????????????????????? I’d sure like to know!
    More people need to speak out about all this. Come on!! What happened to the peoples voice??

  • Juan Perez

    Well I guess he did it.  He is now running for President.

    What a disappointment