Another Obama gaffe: thinks Austrian is a ‘language’

Despite the fact Austrian’s speak German. But of course Hussein Obama is the guy who was going to solve our foreign relations issues…

“There’s a lot of, uh — I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing.”

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  • jill

    humn….now thats gotta be embarassing! clearly he has never seen “sound of music” lol.

  • Johan Fritz

    Keep up the good work. My religion is that what goes around comes around, you’ll get what you deserve. Foolish to think it’s about life on earth. Eternity’s a long time to get back what you gave.

  • Anonymous

    Austrians speak their own distinct version of German called Austrian German. It’s so different from standard German that residents of Austria and Germany can sometimes have great difficulty in communicating. I’m sure the Austrians have a different way of saying “wheeling and dealing” than most Germans. Therefore, it was not at all incorrect for the President to say the term “Austrian.”

    • Larry Gillreath

      Nice try dirtworshipper! Even though Austrians do speak a different dialect, it is STILL German! The French in the north speak “Langue d’Oui”, and in the south “Langue d’Oc”…both of which are named because of the way they say “yes”. However, it is STILL French! No, face it, despite the mythology that he is just about the smartest man on the planet…Obozo is the dumbest piece of shit in all of the “57 states”!

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