Liberal media dirtbag lowlights on Tea Party coverage

Susan Roesgen is now world famous for her left-wing extremist interview at a Chicago Tea Party yesterday, in which Founding Bloggers has the complete video exposing this hack. Update 4-19-2009 – CNN is now getting these videos pulled from Youtube! The Founding Blogger’s one is gone, as are all other known ones. Hopefully a bunch will pop up again. Founding Bloggers obviously hit a nerve with CNN because they forced YouTube to pull the video down, along with all of the comments people posted. Some other YouTuber grabbed the clip before YouTube yanked it. That clip is embedded at the original site.

Then we have this ass-clown James Wolcott

Then we goto the Tea Bagging, a favorite term (and maybe hobby) of the liberal extremist left wing media. Matt Taibbi slanders Michelle Malkin and her writing style using this term (on the heals of Anderson Cooper’s tea bagging jizz on April 14th), along with CNN’s resident muslim Ali Velshi:

And of course, and David Shuster on MSNBC:

Janeane Garofalo, some washed up old bag who claims to be a comedian says tea parties were all about White POWER! Sean Hannity and O’reilly mentioned this hag tonight. Lou Dobbs however on CNN of all networks absolutely destroyed this Garofalo hag. How long before CNN dumps Dobbs and he ends up on Fox Business Channel? And last and thankfully least, Overbite Olbermann on MSNBC.

Oh BTW, being that these Tea Parties were loaded with nothing but right wing extremist, anti-cnn, racist anti obama people, surely every Republican would receive tremendous ovations at these events, no?

The message from folks in Greenville to Congressman Gresham Barrett was clear Friday evening: Voters are mad about the bailout he voted for and the massive government stimulus package he is now supporting.

Oh and BTW, apparently David Axelrod is a doctor now. According to Axelrod, The tea-party movement could be “unhealthy”

According to Hotair, former CNN reporter Eileen O’Connor, who now trains people to work in national media, says that Susan Roesgen owes an apology to her interview subjects for rudeness and unprofessional behavior. Gee, really?

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  • Yvonne Mason

    I find it very interesting that for years the same people who refuse to listen to the American Public and the anger which is justified, were the same bunch that bashed the Bushes for not only eight years but even when Bush Sr was in the White
    It appears that the fear they have is perpatraing itself into hysteria. They are afraid that the common man has learned how to have a voice and no longer depends on the mainstream news media and those in Washington to do their thinking for them. Both Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton have made the statement that the Average American doesn’t have sense enough to make wise decisions.
    Well guess what it wasn’t the average american who got us in this mess. It was the greedy folks in Washington who know longer represent us. The tone has been that we didn’t know what the Tea Party was All about, guess again. We are being taxed without representation. Yes, boys and girls we are no longer represented it is the special interest groups, the lobbist and the greed which drives those who are in the White House the Congress and the Senate.
    Time for another Tea Party

  • credibility none network


    Salvadoran journalist Mario Vela passes away 12 days after being dismissed by CNN. The organization AGACAMT denounces the hostile attitude of CNN towards ill employees. Jose Ramon Cotti, Puerto Rican journalist dismissed by CNN, remains in a hospital after months of pain.

    Atlanta (23 March 2009). – Salvadoran journalist Mario Vela passed away 12 days after CNN dismissed him. The company fired this worker despite the knowledge of the seriousness of his illness. Mr. Vela had been several months agonizing in Washington after his doctors declared there was no hope to save his life.

    Mario Vela and his family underwent the pressure imposed by CNN in his last days when receiving a document in which their rights of denunciation were questioned and conditioned to the signing of a humiliating severance package.

    CNN served notice to Mr. Vela via mail explaining that he no longer was to have his disability benefits and the medical insurance from the company.

    Eva Ventín, president of AGACAMT, the Galician Association Against Moral Harassment at the Workplace, denounces the hypocritical attitude of CNN, that, after putting Mr. Vela in the street, sent the Vice-president of CNN Spanish, Cristopher Crommett, to this employee’s funeral to sing a song and to deliver a pitiful donation.

    Relatives and friends of Mario Vela were themselves forced to organize a fundraising concert to collect money to pay for his medical treatment.

    It is difficult to think that a powerful and multi-millionaire company like CNN, that in spite of the world’s economy crisis have announced economic gains, gets to mistreat its professionals and families”.

    Mario Vela who passed away at age 34, was named by the mayor of Washington DC “the journalist of the year of 2007” recognition who was emphasized by his support to the Hispanic community and towards the under-privileged.

    With more than 10 years of experience Mario Vela was news director of Mega Communications and Radio Capital 730 in DC. Vela worked for Channel 30 of Univisión and Radio World in Maryland.

    AGACAMT wants to bring to the world’s attention other serious cases of labor harassment at CNN as in 2003 the local press of Atlanta related this network with the depression of a journalist who committed suicide. (see original editorial of the Mundo Hispanico about former news director Abel Dimant).

    The complaints of labor abuses and irregularities had been communicated to Mr. Jim Walton, the President of CNN, but there are no answers neither solutions that protect the victims.

    AGACAMT denounces that “this it is not the unique case of a journalist dismissed by CNN in a serious condition”. News anchor Jose Ramon Cotti remains in a hospital in Georgia after several months of pain.

    The Puerto Rican journalist also was dismissed by CNN while on disability awaiting a delicate heart operation.

    CNN brought Mr. Cotti and his wife to Atlanta from New York 9 years ago and the company has now totally forgotten this family, not even making a phone call to inquire about its employee’s condition after double bypass surgery and leg amputation and also after Mrs. Cotti’s hospitalization with health problems including stress related condition.

    We communicated Mr. Walton of the above again with no responses.
    This prestigious New York radio journalist, recipient of Several prizes including two awards from ACE. (Award of creative excellence) is just another one of the numerous victims of the dramatic crisis that shakes CNN.


    Belinda Biles case in:

  • PaixMonCher

    I can’t get over that Susan from CNN. I’m not watching CNN anymore-

    Lou Dobbs needs to leave,ASAP~

  • Carlos Padilla


    65% of employees of CNN en Español Radio are on disability. Some have received death threats

    AGACAMT points out that the labor harassment at CNN is having dramatic consequences

    Teodoro Maus denounces racial discrimination against Latinos and degrading violation of human rights at CNN

    Among the journalists affected are renowned professionals from Puerto Rico, Mexico, El
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    According to Eva Ventín, the President of The Galician Association against Harassment in the Workplace, which serves Spain’s Galician population, stated “the internal report of corruption from employees to the higher echelons of management have coincided with death threats to the journalists within the radio division. Sixty-five percent of employees have become sick this year, and most of them are receiving medical attention at hospitals or by other medical professionals. This is one of the most scandalous examples of labor harassment.”

    Beginning in December all CNN en Español Radio employees will be out of work and representatives of Time Warner have confirmed that the company will not offer them any employment alternative, one that could have absorbed the small number of employees in such a large organization. This is the newest of the large-scale failures of CNN, after the controversial closing of the Spanish news website.

    Jim Walton, president of CNN, has not given any resolution to this situation, which reaches across international borders and affects workers from eleven countries. The circumstances have resulted in dramatic scenes and very dire consequences to the health of these employees. Upon closing, CNN en Español Radio will also lose several millions of dollars in revenue.

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    Jim Walton, President CNN, (404) 827 1500.

    Christopher Crommett, VP CNN en Español. (404) 827 1500.


  • Christopher Lanham

    She proves that it is the liberal/democrat way…