Liberal media dirtbag lowlights on Tea Party coverage

Susan Roesgen is now world famous for her left-wing extremist interview at a Chicago Tea Party yesterday, in which Founding Bloggers has the complete video exposing this hack. Update 4-19-2009 – CNN is now getting these videos pulled from Youtube! The Founding Blogger’s one is gone, as are all other known ones. Hopefully a bunch will pop up again. Founding Bloggers obviously hit a nerve with CNN because they forced YouTube to pull the video down, along with all of the comments people posted. Some other YouTuber grabbed the clip before YouTube yanked it. That clip is embedded at the original site.

Then we have this ass-clown James Wolcott

Then we goto the Tea Bagging, a favorite term (and maybe hobby) of the liberal extremist left wing media. Matt Taibbi slanders Michelle Malkin and her writing style using this term (on the heals of Anderson Cooper’s tea bagging jizz on April 14th), along with CNN’s resident muslim Ali Velshi:

And of course, and David Shuster on MSNBC:

Janeane Garofalo, some washed up old bag who claims to be a comedian says tea parties were all about White POWER! Sean Hannity and O’reilly mentioned this hag tonight. Lou Dobbs however on CNN of all networks absolutely destroyed this Garofalo hag. How long before CNN dumps Dobbs and he ends up on Fox Business Channel? And last and thankfully least, Overbite Olbermann on MSNBC.

Oh BTW, being that these Tea Parties were loaded with nothing but right wing extremist, anti-cnn, racist anti obama people, surely every Republican would receive tremendous ovations at these events, no?

The message from folks in Greenville to Congressman Gresham Barrett was clear Friday evening: Voters are mad about the bailout he voted for and the massive government stimulus package he is now supporting.

Oh and BTW, apparently David Axelrod is a doctor now. According to Axelrod, The tea-party movement could be “unhealthy”

According to Hotair, former CNN reporter Eileen O’Connor, who now trains people to work in national media, says that Susan Roesgen owes an apology to her interview subjects for rudeness and unprofessional behavior. Gee, really?

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