Nancy Pelosi exposed as a war criminal! Nancy Pelosi lied, the terrorists and botox cried!

Nancy Pelosi The Hag


Video courtesy of the GOP with h/t to Michelle Malkin

5/18/2009 – Boehner on Fox: GOP Leader Boehner Renews Call for Speaker to Produce Evidence That CIA Lied to Congress or Apologize

5/16/09 – Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove add to the Botox Pelosi destruction. Videos included. Also Botox Pelosi (D-Calif.) turned down invitations to be on several Sunday morning talk shows to explain her lies  and is instead “spending the weekend with her family”. The Speaker was invited to appear on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ABC’s “This Week,” “Fox News Sunday” and CNN’s “State of the Union,” according to sources at the networks.

5/15/09 – Back to the usual, and typical democrat gameplan. Just blame Bush. This after Leon Panetta fired back today in a memo with this statement:

“CIA officers briefed truthfully on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, describing ‘the enhanced techniques that had been employed,’” according to CIA records.

5/14/09 – Another day, another excuse from Pelosi. Today in a press conference, Pelosi accused the CIA and Bush administration of misleading her about waterboarding detainees in the war on terror and sharply rebutted claims she was complicit in its use. More from Yahoo:

“To the contrary … we were told explicitly that waterboarding was not being used,” she told reporters, referring to a formal CIA briefing she received in the fall of 2002.

Pelosi said she subsequently learned that other lawmakers were told several months later by the CIA about the use of waterboarding.

“I wasn’t briefed, I was informed that somebody else had been briefed about it,” she said.

It should be blatantly obvious by now. The only way to get the truth out of the old witch Botox Pelosi is to waterboard her! Whats the worst (actually best) thing that could happen? She’d melt?

Fox News: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was told in February 2003 by her intelligence aide, Michael Sheehy, that waterboarding was used on CIA detainee Abu Zubaydah, according to a report.

As the Pelosi Turns. We now have a new excuse for Nancy Pelosi from Politico:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi learned in early 2003 that the Bush administration was waterboarding terror detainees but didn’t protest directly out of respect for “appropriate” legislative channels, a person familiar with the situation said Monday.

The Pelosi camp’s version of events is intended to answer two key questions posed by her critics: When, precisely, did she first learn about waterboarding? And why didn’t she do more to stop it?

Pelosi has disputed a CIA document, released last week, that shows she was briefed in September 2002 on the “particular” interrogation techniques the United States had used on Al Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah. Pelosi has said she was told then only that the Bush administration was considering using certain techniques in the future — and that it had the legal authority to do so.

OH BTW, at the link above to Michelle Malkin’s site (article posted by Doug Powers), you’ve gotta check out the photoshop job of Nancy Pelosi getting waterboarded!

The Nancy Pelosi Defense League aka, the democrats continue to try and make up stories to protect their botox injecting speaker, as more and more evidence piles up. CIA Director Leon Panetta is the latest to try and cover up for Botox Pelosi, saying that the memos he released this week were from CIA operatives own recollections, and may be inaccurate. Then of course theres the always reliable and “truthful” Jane Harman who had no problem with the interrogations in 2003, just one year after Botox Pelosi knew.

Nancy Pelosi lied, Terrorists Cried! Looks like old Botox Nancy Pelosi is caught red handed this time in a blatant lie (certainly not the first).Nancy Pelosi knew, just like we knew she knew. According to Human

According to a CIA memorandum summarizing briefings to Congress on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorist detainees, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) knew from the very beginning that those techniques — including waterboarding — were being used on September 2, 2002.
According to the memo the very first briefing listed is 9/4/02 with then Rep. Porter Goss & Pelosi. The summary of the briefing says:

“Briefing on EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on authorities, and a description of the particular EITs that had been employed.”

This directly contradicts Pelosi’s story, that “we were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used.”

Even far left biased ABC is starting to run with the story,

I want this Botox injecting lieing POS removed as Speak of the House, IMMEDIATLEY!

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  • DomesticGoddess

    These “elite” politicians constantly lie to the public because they think we are stupid and gullible and believe everything they say. They know that the ever faithful libs will follow them off the cliff even with obvious evidence of their dishonesty because they don’t want to appear wrong. Lying and cheating by the dems perpetuates itself without end.

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  • Mandy48

    I truly dont care if Nancy Pelosi knows or not, ythe important thing is, that She couldn do nothing to stop those tortures. She was not Speaker of the House then, she was just another Senator. Blaming Pelosi for tortures, witch was called by ex Presidenr i Vice President as legal, were not Pelosi foult or mistake. I am not Pelosi Fan, but attacking Her for something , She is not responsible for it is idiotic !!!The who Congres and Senat approve this war-occupation, not just Nancy Pelosi , so just stop this sense less attack on Pelosi, go after all those who lied to all of US not just Pelosi. If President and V-ce President tell You it is legal , then it is nothing no one can do. Remember, that Republicans run the whole Government then. Stop this unfare attack and taking attention from those who are directly responsible. Just try to be honest if You CAN!!!!

  • Mandy48

    100 senators and over 400 congresman all evently are responsible. Pelosi is not a war criminal, but this is what You want. She is not going anywere, but just wait when She start talking “the truth, nothing but truth”!!! And You all will be calling Her LIAR again, because You do not want Your bodies to be known. CIA job is to do, what we should not now about, and Nancy Pelosi did just that. All agents who are working for CIA will find themselfs in dengerous situation. Remember, the are things as”TOP SECRET”

  • http://n/a randy` rager

    if pelousy had any credibility at all, which i doubt she did, this latest fiasco should remove any inkling that she is nothing but a commie liar hell bent on blaming the bush administration for things the rest of the lying dems supported after 9/11 but became unpopular after awhile. time to do the right thing and show her the door.

  • Bill

    Hammer her until you wipe the botox smile from the liar’s face.

  • Paul Stewart

    Pelosi was a junior senator in 2002 & 2003.
    The people who Lied to the ENTIRE country over and over and over again are the ones to start with and we ALL know who those are.
    Start with the President, next the VP, then the Attorney General and ALL the way down.
    Justice is equal and there is NO disputing who the biggest liar’s and treasonous are.
    If you feel Pelosi must go, then once again, start at the TOP and work your way down.
    The ONLY way to end this fiasco called “government”.

  • AK Joe

    Solution??? Term Limits for Congress and Senate. It is these career politicians that are an embarrassment to the country I love. Our founding fathers knew better than to allow our government to turn into a Royal Family. Seniority Status is a complete crock, and self serving. Two terms and you are done. Rid the system of pandering for the party. These people get re-elected for one reason! They play the “ I am a Senior member who can get the PORK CARD” Take the card and burn it.

  • Cheri

    No more money to ACORN

  • http://msn jane wil;son

    i am sooo looking forward to nov. i am so sick of pelosi’s ugly face and all her phoniness. ican only hope that she is at home in san fran when the “big one” hits.

  • Tim

    I am sick of the elected officials not reprsenting the people. I am sick of the government being so greedy, scummy, and downright dishonest. I am sick of the lack of responsibility when it coms to taxes, spending, and bailouts.I am sick of this healthcare bill that is this close to going through when more than 60% of Americans don’t want it!

  • Tim

    I say we get Pelosi and Obama out of office by impeaching them and sending to prison for treason, along with any other crooked politician!

  • Michael

    November is Coming! Vote em out and send there salaries to The National Deficit, Let the theives pay back what they owe to The American People.
    Fill up the national debt tank till it reaches full. Show em the door, and let them go to the welfare office and have them live off food stamps
    and then the unemployment line.

  • eddyjames

    Nancy is just so F.U.G.L.E.Y. I’m sure some of you know what I mean. Can we cane her after we throw her out of office? She deserves it if any one ever did. If she ever goes to Singapore, be sure and call in and say she spit her gum out on the sidewalk, not that they would believe she could walk and chew gum at the same time.