Iranian police beat protesters and fired tear gas on Saturday – Woman murdered in cold blood by Basij

First the AP news so far for the day of June 20th, 2009:

Witnesses said police beat protesters and fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands who rallied in Tehran Saturday in open defiance of Iran’s clerical government, sharply escalating the most serious internal conflict since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The eyewitnesses described fierce clashes near Revolution Square in central Tehran after some 3,000 protesters chanted “Death to the dictator!” and “Death to dictatorship!” Police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

The witnesses told The Associated Press that between 50 and 60 protesters were seriously beaten by police and pro-government militia and taken to Imam Khomeini hospital in central Tehran. People could be seen dragging away comrades bloodied by baton strikes.

Also, Iranian blogger Madyar current photos of the basij (the Iranian police).

Update: This is an extremely graphic/disturbing video (viewer warning, I will not embed it here), of the murder of the young Iranian woman. Hotair’s translated the. NIAC Facebook pages that describes this disturbing video follows: “A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house. He had clear shot at the girl and could not miss her. However, he aimed straight her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than 2 minutes.”

With Iran in chaos, and people twittering from Iran about the brutalality going on with the Basij, you would think this would be newsworthy in the US? Instead, CBS Obama slurper Mark Knoller found twittering about Obama taking his daughters for Ice Cream for more important of a story to twitter about. Oh, Knoller also let us know via twitter that the Obamas bought some puppy treats for Bo.

6/21/09 – This still hasn’t been verified yet, but according to Pajamas Media, the Office of Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi has sent Obama a letter. The letter basically states how offended Mousavi is at the outrageous comparsion that Obama made, claiming that Mousavi and Ahmadinejad where basically the same. Check out the link to Pajamas Media to read the letter. IF this proves really be from Mousavi, or his office, we will post the whole letter here.

Nothing new from the White House today. Instead of going out for Ice Cream, Obama decides to take the day off again and play golf. I wonder if Mark Knoller will tweet about each “stroke” today?

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  • mfellion

    Why the big deal over Iran from the right and left? This election was lost by a fraction that would not be a friend of the US or any western democracy. Their supreme leader told the people to stop riots in Tehran. When they didn’t he set the security police on them and a few have gotten killed. The same thing happens here,remember Watts? No government will allow people to riot, period! As to the Iranian election only 37% polled said they would support the reformists. Most of the people support the candidate who won. As evidence no photos of massive demonstrations are coming in from anyplace other than Tehran. Most of the rioters are from North Tehran the “liberal part” of the city, perhaps Irans Oakland or San Francisco but much more conservative. The rest of the population from Irans’ “bible” belt supports the clerics choice of a winner. Did fraud occur, mayber, why should we care. We need to find a way to live with Iran and short of an invasion it had better be a peaceful way. Calling the leader of this country names, tsk tsk tsking and proclaiming phony embarcoes will not work to bring on reform. Since this is a major oil producing country their government has all the cash in the world to keep in power. No worth while result has come from our past approach to reform the government. Maybe that is what Russia, Europe and China were trying to tell the US. If Iran wants atomich power it will get it as Israel, India and Pakistan have all demonstrated. Even South Africa is rumored to have a small nuclear deterent and the world has not ended. Since oil is running out Iran’s stated reason of nucs for power even makes sense. Reagon and Nixon tried a different way with Russia and China despite a lot of flak from the right wing and they were relatively successful. Their policy of engagement and compromise from strength worked to end the USSR and opened up both countries to profound and ongoing changes. Why don’t we try a dirrerent approach since the past approaches have not worked with Iran?