Made for each other: Both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama need their teleprompters

michelle_obama-ugly-1.jpgPoor Mitchell Obama. Teleprompters are too low.

United we Serve indeed.

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  • fireandreamitchell


  • FinaBiscotti

    She is as BOGUS as Barack-Adabra.  They had more scandals  w Obama’s “pay-to-play” schemes as a US Senator – earning Michelle Obama overlapping salaries and executive board positions – that were revealed in the transcripts of the wiretap information – for the investigation of the sale of Obama’s former US Senate seat from Illinois – in which only Illinois Governor Rod Blagoejivich was arrested and indicted.

    Michelle Obama allowing the media to misrepresent her as a “distinguished attorney” during the 2008 presidential campaign – when this Fraud Pig has not had a license to practice law in over SIXTEEN Years at that time – had been placed under a court-ordered disbarment in 1993 – by the Illinois State Supreme Court.

    Now we know, the government-owned media – was behind the proproganda – with Obama providing US taxpayer money – to GE as the parent company to NBC  – for GE to close down Two of their Manufacturing entities = LOSS of Jobs for US citizens – only for GE to resurrect these same Two Manufacturing entities in COMMUNIST CHINA.

    We will never forget =  Obama’s JOBS CZAR – Jeffrey Immelt – the former CEO of GE – sitting next to Michelle Obama at the SOTU address – as the proud purveyors of causing harm to the families of US citizens who lost their jobs with GE closing down their manufacturing facilities in the USA – and stimulating the economy, creating JOBS in Communist China  in the abuse of our US taxpayer money.

    Pleasant surprise = the crowd at NASCAR booed Michelle Obama – and Obama was booed at Fenway Park.

    • cattnipp

      at the time that Michelle Obama choose to set aside her license because she did not use it in her occupation it was the rule to have to petition the court to have your rights to practice set on hold so you were not obliged to attend the required continuing education and pay the annual license fees. The court allowing her to set her right to practice aside for the time does not mean she was dis-barred….. had you been interested in truth instead of smearing the Obama name you could have found out that she no disciplinary actions on her record…. I believe if she were disbarred for misconduct as you are claiming there would be notations on her record.


        Excuse me but one does not set aside their “Law License” and just as Obammy has stated he was a Attorney? Nope just a lawyer who never took a bar exam~ Pull your head out~