SEIU Thugs Attack a Black Conservative Kenneth Gladney Outside Russ Carnahan Townhall

this_is_what_a_union_thug_looks_likeManufactured Anger? Racism? Astroturf? Hate crime? So this is how Hussein Obama and the liberal democrats fight back against the “too well dressed” protesters against ObamaCARE at townhall meetings. Here’s the video from Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting last night:


and here is Kenneth Gladney today with his attorney on Cavuto:

As hard as it may be to believe (sarcasm), the only news organization that covered this was Fox News (with Neil Cavuto). Stil not one word of this beating on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. Shocking isn’t it? This blood is on the hands of Obama, as by sending his SEIU and AFL/CIO goons out to these down halls is fanning the flames of oppression and violence. Oh, and I’m still waiting to hear  Dr. Gates speak up about a black man Kenneth Gladney getting beaten up for no reason.

For those of you in near St. Louis, A Tea Party protest has been scheduled for tomorrow at the SEIU headquarters.

Here’s a new video (prior to Gladney’s beating). Who exactly is provoking violence here?

8/8/09 – Kenneth Gladney, who was attacked and beaten at the Russ Carnahan town hall by the SEIU thugs, attended the rally against violence today at the SEIU headquarters in St. Louis. Kenneth’s attorney David Brown read a letter by Kenneth to the crowd since Kenneth was still weak to speak publically.Notice now that Gladney is in a wheelchair courtesy of those SEIU thugs!


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