Time Magazine’s patheticness reaches new levels does a story “Why Michelle Obama’s Hair” matters

mo_uglyIts not bad enough that the media gushes over Obama himself, but the gushing over the American Hating witch of his wife is probably even more disgusting. Last week the media creamed themselves when the Obamas stepped off the plane and Michelel Obama wore shorts. Media dissected how much of a fashion statement she was making. This of course is after of months of the media creaming themselves over her arms. NOW Time Magazine has sank to an even lower level with an article discussing about “what is Michelle Obama’s best hairstyle”?.

michelle-obama-teenager1 (2)mich2-3michelle-obama-ugly-francemichelle_obama-ugly-1michelle_obama1

Which hairstyle do you think is most important? Excuse me while I go puke.

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