Obama Youth – Obama to indoctrinate kids on Sep 8 2009

You may remember last week the story of Obama teaming up with Sesame Street launching Census in Schools, an all-out campaign targeting superintendents, principals, teachers, students and, indirectly, parents, as schools open across the nation this month and next. Well its getting even more disgusting OnSeptember 8th, the first day of school for many children across America Hussein Obama will deliver a national address directly to students on the importance of education. The The Daily Paul (for you Ron Paul fans), has the recommended classroom activities before and after the speech (be warned, if you love the Constitution you will want to puke).

Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

If there was ever a day for people to keep their kids out of school, September 8th is the day. And even before this date, in Utah of all places, they are already starting indoctrinating kids with left wing propaganda. As Michelle Malkin mentions a school principal has apologized for showing a video at an assembly that was considered “radical, leftist propaganda.” Michelle Malkin also has a syndicated column about this today. Malkin also has posted an e-mail from a read named “Katie” in Atlanta about how the US Department of Education circumvented elected school officials to send notice of Obama’s indoctrination speech on Sep 8. Many parents of kids in this Pre-K-6th grade targeted propaganda group as you can imagine are outraged, and many are pulling their kids out of school of the day of September 8th. Now blogs such as Vodkapundit are suggesting the same idea. And as the anger spreads, the Department of Education has deleted a line asking kids how they can ‘help’ Obama. According to National Review Online, there appears there are two versions of the preparatory materials for Hussein’s indoctrination address to kids floating around, one with language urging teachers to have students write letters to themselves about how they can help the president, and a second changing that to letters to themselves about achieving their short- and long-term education goals.

Lets go back in time to October of 2008 when this video was released, soon this could be YOUR kids


The National Tea Party Coalition has announced “Hall Pass on That” for September 8th indoctrination address the alternative to Obama’s September 8th indoctrination of school children across the nation. The group asks that schools who choose to participate in the president’s September 8th program offer an alternative to students and families who do not wish to view, or have their children view, a partisan address or participate in activities that did not follow proper educational protocol or obtain parental consent.

All I can say is, thank god I was a kid during the Reagan years.


Remember though, you can also pledge to be a “servant” to our President. Watch this video (if you can stomach it), and especially the 3:55 mark (H/T Hotair).

Also from Hotair and the AP,

School Districts across the country have been inundated with phone calls from parents and are struggling to address the controversy that broke out after Education Secretary Arne Duncan sent a letter to principals urging schools to watch.

Districts in states including Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin have decided not to show the speech to students. Others are still thinking it over or are letting parents have their kids opt out.

While some schools are opting out of this indoctrination, in Broward Country, Florida, despite the Superintendent James F. Notter, admitting there as been “several calls” into the Superintendent’s Office suggesting and/or requesting that alternative space and activities be provided for those students wishing to “opt out” of this activity, Notter will NOT allow this.

Porky Gibbs thinks people’s geniune outrage about the indoctorination is ‘silly’.

The speech is released here, its also interesting to note that a last minute “slip in” A Chicago high school senior is set to be mentioned in Obama’s back-to-school speech Tuesday.

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  • Frances Zimmer

    This should not be allowed in our schools. Indoctrination of our children. The notes to teachers for classroom instruction regarding the president’s speech say to ask the children why it’s important to “listen to the president and other elected officials”. These people are PUBLIC SERVANTS – they need to listen to US (the people). My children need to listen to me, I am the authority in their lives – not the government.

  • Uncle Sam

    Keep the children home Tuesday 09-08
    Take a sick day !

  • Ron

    Definitely it is time for as many parents as possible make sure their kids have a severe case of the Red, White and Blue flu that day.

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  • MJ

    My children’s schools have an open classroom policy. Even if they didn’t, I would still show up at their school on the day of the big speech. I want to see history being made, after all, this has been coming for 40 years or so, when they started taking prayer, the Bible and God out of the school system and America! I guess they need to replace God with an equal, at least in his own eyes.

  • DC

    My kids are certainly not going to school Tuesday.
    I hope the schools do not penalize the children for missing. If they do, one other thing for me to contact the school district about.
    I had to “pursue” the school district last year to make sure they said the pledge of allegiance in schools, as they are suppose to. After couple of months they started to again.
    They hate to see me coming :(

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  • Lesa

    My 7 year old already knows that osama is nothing but a socialist and a liar. She will not be viewing or participating in anything promoting a person/”government” that has one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else. The president should show qualities people should strive for, but this one is an example of everything not to do.

  • Dawn

    My children WILL NOT be in school for this.
    Seriously NOT OKAY.

  • Marsha

    It would seem that the spirit of Joseph Goebbels is alive and well and working for the Obama team. The propaganda ministers are employing all modern methods of propaganda to capture the minds of as many Americans as possible.

  • http://www.perfecttimingentertainment.com Mike Mattingly

    When John McCain said in his campain that “America could be in Iraq for a hundred years”, I was not shocked. As the son of a career American Soldier and Vietnam Vet, I was born in Germany in 1969, some 20+ years after the end of WWII, because America still occupied Germany after WWII and there are still American military bases there today. What I find very disturbing is that while we were living in Germany (because my father was serving his country), we had the opportunity to ask German citizens “how could they let the Holocaust happen”? The overwelming response was simply that the German people couldn’t believe that their govenment would be doing things like that and their local (state run media) never reported on it. They were told only what the state wanted them to know and all they heard was how great the state was and how evil anyone who disagreed with the state was. When we asked how the state managed to gain such control, our German friends explained that first the state took the guns from the people, nationalized the banking system, took over the auto industry (Volkswagens for the people), introduced Hitlers Youth forcing the children to pledge allegience to to Hitler, and took control of the health care system. All in the name of Change for the betterment of the “Homeland”. Our German friends explained to us that it was considered “Unpatriotic” to question the state and those who did were dealt with harshly and perminately, so the people were too afraid to question the states authority. What scares me the most about the Obama (and Bush administrations for that matter) is they appear to be working from the same play book Hitler did and anyone who tries to bring that fact to light is deemed unpatriotic or a right wing extremist. I do not consider myself to be either demacrat or republican so this is not about towing any party’s line. I consider myself American First. Not German/American (because I was born in Germany), not African/American, Asian/American or Mexican/American. I am simply “American”. Or as Obama describs me, “a typical white person clinging to my God and my guns”. It is our duty as Americans to question authority and when we stop doing so we are doomed to allow history to repeat itself. I encourage all Americans to read Mein Kampf and decide for yourself if what I am saying is true. I pledge allegience to Obama!?!? Please America!! Wake up and smell the gas chambers already..

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    The message isn’t the issue. The fact that the President is speaking to them, unfiltered, with no parent present is what I object to.
    But let’s assume the substance is benign. I still don’t like it. The President being beamed directly to children is unprecedented.
    If President Bush had tried this, your very same beloved teacher’s union would have at the very least thrown a fit.
    It has never happened and for good reason. The authority in a child’s life is his parent. A teacher has a teaching role but it is subservient to the parent.
    I don’t want an entire generation of Americans getting a universal message from ANY leader or politician. I want a generation of children to be inspired by big dreams–like going to the moon or exploring Mars. A free country can do big things. A free country, lead by a visionary, can demonstrate greatness. The leader doesn’t have to use empty words.
    Here is a quiz for your students:
    What kind of political leader does this to the children of his country?
    a) Hugo Chavez
    b)Fidel Castro
    c)Kim Il Jung
    d) all of the above

    A sick one.

  • G. Fierro

    The federal role in education is a VIOLATION of the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    NOWHERE in the Constitution is the federal government delegated the power to regulate or fund elementary or secondary education, MUCH LESS to use compulsory attendance laws handed down by the states as an opportunity to hold a captive audience of our children, for the purpose of political marketing and smoke-screening the administration’s current legislative difficulties and popularity issues.
    If this is allowed to go forward without protest, it will establish a very dangerous precedent. This innocuous little pep talk about the importance of education will be followed by numerous other scheduled “broadcasts” from Big Brother for the next three years, and I am betting dollars to donuts those to come will be deliberate attempts at indoctrination to a particular political agenda. I say NO. Our schools are not there to provide a podium for ANY president or ANY political party. If my schools intend to participate in this speech, my children will not be attending school that day.

  • dan

    No politics in school period,the parents should teach the kids about that.Did whats her face say I’ll be a servant to my president,WTF.Hail hitler.

  • S. Stapleton

    God has been evicted from the class room but it is OK for Obama to be there?

    My kids will be home on 09-08-09.

  • Irma Robinson

    …oops my bad. Have any of you ever heard of cutting off your nose to spite you face? Well if you community’s public school system is in need of government funds that the worst things you can do for your self is keep your children out of school. The schools call a roll each day to get paid for the children who are there.

    Now if your school district gets hit with a discrimination law suit or violating the president’s right to speak or your child learning to disrespect BLACK LEADERS then you have got a problem. Oh please do not allow me to get you to get over emotional out burst and on to looking at the big picture because you are being blinded by short term pleasures for long term pain.

    Just speaking the fact going on in the real world of adults being able to look ahead…I shall leave you now(smile)

  • DC

    My concern is that we ( the parents ) have no idea what he is going to say. We will not be there to discuss with our children. Granted, he might “only” talk about staying in school and the importance of succeeded. My definition of success and his I can assure you are completely different.
    Why not play this in the evening on television? Why not do this in a way where parents are told about it upfront? The schools certainly aren’t saying anything.
    I find it all very concerning. Nothing this man has said or done makes me believe he has my childrens best interest at heart.
    By the way, this has nothing to do with discrimination for heavens sake. This has nothing to do with disrespecting black leaders either. I don’t care if he’s blue, black, red, yellow, or polka dots, he does not get the opportunity to talk to my children without my knowledge and agreement.
    I don’t care for the man, he is not a good role model.
    What he is doing is disrespectful to the parents.

  • theregoesmybelovedcountry

    What!? My kids will kiss the picture of Chairman Mao (oops, I mean President Obama) every morning before heading to their state-run schools.

  • Bill

    We need a NATIONAL DAY OF SUPPORT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION….Sounds like a RED, WHITE, and BLUE FLU day is a great idea for Sept 8th!! My kids will be home schooled that day…We will spend the day learning the constitution, and having discussions about what it means to us and the country….

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  • http://everydaymommy.net Everyday Mommy

    Visit EverydayMommy.net and participate in The Great American Kid-Out. http://everydaymommy.net/?p=2203

  • Steve

    Remember during the election:


  • http://vigilantliberty.blogspot.com/ nelson

    The political motivation behind the President’s address to the school children is frightening. No less than a full fledged attempt to dislodge the parents as the ultimate authority in the home, the Obama administration is following a well worn strategy. Capture the youth and the future is at hand:

    “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

    Words spoken by a more infamous Socialist, Adolf Hitler

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  • Lee Mayberry

    This is the biggest afrontery to establish clear control over our children. There is no authority over my children except for GOD (Not bloody Alah) and me. Not the Obafhurer in the White House or any other traitor in Washington D.C. I am so damned mad because they think we are all so bloody stupid we can not see what they are doing. To read this lesson plan bull shit is just a prime example of how the public school system in this country has been trying to teach our kids. All this stupid elaborate rubbish of, shareing thoughts and this whine bag discussion crap about feelings and how it make one feel crap. Just go back to straight forward Reading, math, writing and English. It worked for generations before it would work again given the oportunity. A high school education is equal to a grade school education 40 yrs ago. College is equal to a high school. College is just a bloody load of liberal diatribe and crap, now days. All to interested in feeling good and not ofending anyone, including shareing. I am sick and tired of this. I am bloody offended. No one seems to care. So I do not give one ounce of thought to ofending them, I hope I do.
    Lee Mayberry
    Anchorage, Alaska

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  • S.H.Clarke

    I promise to do everything in my power to expose this President for what he is;a socialist , un – American,anti-constitutionalist radical.
    I would not allow any child to listen to this trash. He is trying to take down America as a true American knows it and re-make it in the image that he wants the US to be. He hates this country and it is obvious.

  • more rational

    I think a lot of people denouncing our- yes, our- democratically elected President are forgetting that if this same speech was made by our former president, there would be no allegations of any kind but, rather, praise.

    That’s what happened during the last presidency, any denouncement of a decision or a policy would be met by pompous reprimands about his being “our” president.

    Let’s face it, the president is “our” president only if angry, intolerant, self-righteous, self-thought “real Americans” approve of him.

    The one sided-ness and hypocrisy of many posters here is amazing.

    As someone who is currently a liberal, is this the way I should be? Always disgruntled? Always malcontent?

  • T Dog

    For all those that feel this will corrupt your children. Do you read their text books, do you involve yourself in the TV they watch, do you approve of the video games they play, do you talk to them about role models they have in sports, do you allow them to dream about bettering themselves and their world? We as parents are responsible for encouraging our childrens goals and dreams. If you are concerned that 1 hour of listening to our president will corrupt your children then maybe you should invest more time in your children.

  • DC

    T Dog,

    I absolutley do involve myself in everything my children do. That’s my job.
    Please don’t assume that we are not invested in our children’s lives. If we weren’t, this wouldn’t bother us so much.
    Our children come first, with emphasis on OUR CHILDREN. No one has the right to talk to our children if we don’t think they would be a good influence on them.
    I, for one, teach my children to be careful of who you hang around with. You are who your friends are.
    I don’t think the pres got that message growing up and that’s too bad.
    He hangs around with communists, people that hate America, very highly questionable people, trying to “fundamentally change America” to his very frightening agenda, and according to you,
    we are suppose to overlook all of that because he is our president and let him talk to my kids?
    Once he cleans up his act, changes the crowd he runs with, then maybe I will have a change of heart. Until then, my children are off limits.

  • T Dog

    DC. You and a lot of people here sound like caring, nurturing parents. I guess our commenting on this site means we are hanging out with others that only see the side of the coin that is anti obama. Oops maybe we should not have a dialog because of slightly different views, I think that is part of our problem. Lots of crazy things happen that we talk to our kids about to make sure they understand and are protected. I don’t want to ignore the event, I want to talk with my kids about how it made them feel. I hope your Tuesday is a good one. I am going to the park with my kids.

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  • Mark

    If Sarah Palin wanted to talk too our childrun bout the portence of drillin for oil we’d be all fur that wudnt we?

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  • Kristine Blake

    Well if this website is not all the scared parents afraid that their children may actually like getting encouragment from our PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Keeping your children home should result in an “F” for the day if they do not have an illness.
    You are all very ignorant and silly. Teaching your children to be bigots and hateful towards our bi-racial leader is pathetic and unconscionable. I read the entire speech and I am wondering what part of it scares you? “Nobody is born a bigot”…it is a learned behavior. Parents like the ones “keeping my child home” have no moral compass. You all look like the fools that you are, with all your “Obamination” and Nazi language.
    FYI: If you think your children are not going to ever hear this speech, think again. The minute the get to a laptop, and “google”, or go to youtube.com, it will be there. Then they will read it and ask you: why did you not want me to see this speech?
    Inspiration and encouragment is a wonderful way to pave the way to a better AMERICA. You are not patriotic or a good American by disrespecting President Obama right in front of your children.
    Someone needs to give away one way tickets to ALASKA. Then we can know where all the racist’s live. “The walk amongst us…” I would not want to fly on the same plane as any of you.
    Thank you President Obama for taking time to speak to my bi-racial son, who is in all honors classes @ his MAGNET HIGH SCHOOL, thank you~

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