Commie/Truther/Racist/Cop killer fan Van Jones resigns – White House source admits they never asked Van Jones to fill out the vetting questionnaire

vanjonesfailVan Jones resigns. Just like the coward he is, he released his “resignation” at midnight on Sunday morning (EDT). Good riddance you filthy communist, racist, American hater pile of s*it. While the State Run Media completely ignored the pile of filth Van Jones until they had to mention something today about his resignation (of course simply blaming it on Republicans), sites such as Gateway Pundit (which got a shout out on Fox News Sunday today) had all these videos, quotes, and sound clips for several days, if not weeks before the resigination.

As there were ZERO mentions in the media regarding communist filth Van Jones comments about columbine, the hateful music album (released in 2004), the truther signature, or anything, they are now jumping to his defense. NBC is blaming his resignation on “Republican Attacks”.

President Obama’s environmental adviser Van Jones resigned from his post late Saturday evening after he came under fire for a series of inflammatory statements he made about Republicans, the White House said early Sunday morning.

This of course is in reference to Van Jones calling Repubicans A**holes in another video released about, which to a point I actually agree with. But as is typical state run media fashion, they make no mention of the other things that came out about him.

And here is the commie filth’s statement (Washington Post):

“I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today,” Jones said in a statement dated Sept 5 released around midnight on Sept 6.

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me.They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide,” he continued. “I have been inundated with calls — from across the political spectrum — urging me to ‘stay and fight.’ But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.”

You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a Black Child


Van Jones “music” hating on Americans, Israel etc

And the white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people-of-color communities, because they don’t have a racial justice frame.

Nancy Pelosi is a big fan of Van Jones


It gets even better. According to Fox News’s Major Garrett Van Jones did not fill out White House questionnaire. No czars do, the White House said. Comforting, isn’t it?

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