Feinstein Compares Water Restoration in Central California to Pearl Harbor

The Valley that Hope Forgot show that Sean Hannity did exposed what a bunch of hypocritical, left wing loons did to a part of the country that produces 12% of the country’s food. They shut off the water line all in the name of a the “delta smelt” fish, in the middle of a terrible drought were farmers can no longer use their farmland to produce food for the country. Instead its turned into one big dust bowl. Again, all in the name of the Delta Smelt fish. GOP South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint tried to turn the water back on, but the Senate voted down his amendment, 61-36, with all Democrats voting against it and 4 Republicans also voting against the amendment (Snowe, Collins, Voinovich (Ohio) and Alexander of (TN). Shamefully Diana Feinstein from California compares “turning on the water” to Pearl Harbor somehow:


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