School kids taught to praise Obama

Remember last year when that video of school kids singing about Obama appeared on the net to creep out parents? Here’s a new one of school kids being taught to sing praise of Obama. No one knows yet where this took place, or what school.


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  • democratsarefascists

    Here we see the real reason Democrats want to make home schooling illegal.

    The communists who trained under Ayers are the ones running our schools into the ground.

  • The Komissar

    This could all have been avoided if the State would have increased the abortion quota

  • Don Johnson

    Uhm, video link is to content that has been removed.

    What video?

  • http://none Robbert Hoekstra

    Have we seen the beginning of Husein Obama’s “Hitler Jügend”? Most of those kids ended up as gun fodder while their cowardly “fearless” leader hid in his concrete bunker and took his own live. Hussein Obama is not an American president. He is just a misguided Indonesian Muslim who does not respect the American people and their Costitution and what they stand for. He is just a straw man of Islam. For the sake of the fooled and misguided younger generation let’s pray Allah take him before it is too late. Blessed is the nation and may God bless America.

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