Another kid indoctrinating Obama video – “The Obama Kids Song”

This video, while maybe not “as creepy” as the NJ one released the other is nevertheless another example indoctrinating kids. Looks like this was done in San Francisco (very appropriately) as one of the kids in the video is holding up a front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. The Obama Song (“Proud American”) is by “Mr. B” and the students of Room 8 from  February 2009

Obama is the President!
First African America in history
44th president of the United States
The ground has shifted
The world has changed!


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  • Holden Faweva

    The song is quite lame as a strung-together set of slogans extolling virtues Barry doesn’t have. It was quite telling that the video editor had to scrub the recording closely to be able to match Dr. King’s words, as it was obvious the kids never said “God Almighty” in their “Free at last” chant.

    Leftists are such problem children, but it’s a worse shame how so many well-meaning Americans have given their children’s instruction over such a dirtbag class of gubmint sloths and their collectivist administrators and union bosses among the NEA!

  • Laura George

    This is just sooooooooo wrong. Reminds me of Nazi Germany when the kids where made to sing praises to Hitler. If they did this in my grandchildren’s school, I would throw a fit. They can take God out of everything but sing of Obama? sickening.

  • http://yahoo Toya

    I feel that the previous comments are so narrow minded. These are children, and if you listen to the words they are saying, they are speaking about unity and love which is something we all can learn from. It’s not about worshiping Obama…..they are saying they beleive that nothing is impossible because after all of this time and what African Americans have been through we HAVE A QUALIFIED AMERICAN in office as the President of the US. Not only is he African American but he is QUALIFIED!!!! Yes the schools took God out so, you can’t blame the children or the instructor for that, place the blame where it belongs and if you feel that strongly about it then you fight for what’s right and don’t take your frustrations out on these beautiful children and their instructor. This is something positive and well needed for our country to believe that we are still trying to live the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of. The kids are so right, we do have alot of work left to do and the two previous comments that were made it proves it!

    • John Gotti

      Nice little Obama – Hitler Youth Group!

    • vladdy1

      Please. Why do I have the feeling that skin color shades every sentence in that post? They are not speaking about unity and love by praising someone who is so egotistical and childish that he holds a press conference on Super Tuesday, just because he can’t stand someone else being in the news.. Anyone notice he’s using our tax money to campaign with? Every speech he gives is a slam against the conservative ideology. Ugh. 

  • John Gotti

    Great job!  These are Obama’s young pioneers!  

  • Jevrejzidov

    Obama is a Jew pupet

    • vladdy1

      Right. Everyone with ties lo the muslim brotherhood is a Jew puppet..

  • Poopjuice

    It reminds me of the documentaries I’ve seen of The People’s Republic of China of the kids being forced to stand in perfect lines every morning to do exercise, then sing a song to the leader. Or in North Korea, the Dear Leader. Creepy and this better never happen in my childs classroom.

  • penis

    fuck obama