Obama’s Internet Czar Susan Crawford has ties to ACORN

According to ObamaCARE Blog Center, Obama’s Internet Czar, Susan Crawford has direct ties to Acorn through her OneWebNow project. The OneWebNow project lists Acorn as one of its “participating organizations”. Crawford, who is also a net neutrality advocate, also has a board member, Mitchell Kapor, who is an Acorn apologist.Here is what Kapor wrote in defense of Acorn back in October of last year, just 12 days before the election:

Okay, I should’ve known this was coming when community organizers were maligned at the RNC convention. I write this post with a nonpartisan spirit, knowing that increased voter registration and participation benefits and strengthens our democracy, as do efforts to root out voter suppression. But it angers and sickens me that a well-established and well-respected group like ACORN can be put in the line of fire for following the rules – yes, orgs doing voter registration drives must turn in ALL of the reg forms (details vary from state to state), even if Mickey Mouse is listed as the potential voter.

Fortunately, ACORN is no shrinking violet, and neither are its allies. People for the American Way ran this full page ad in the New York Times. In this ugly campaign, we must continue to expose injustice and the real frauds – those who work to minimize and deny access to voting!

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