Warren Ballentine racist statement to Juan Williams – You can go back to the porch now

jesse-jackson-mugshot.jpgIsn’t it amazing what is and isn’t considered racism by the left wing loony bin left? All the made up quotes of Rush Limbaugh that force some losers on CNN and MSNBC to finally admit that they weren’t “verified” because they know Rush Limbaugh (if he wants to) can sue the pants off those networks for libel and cash in on a huge payday, exposing the hypocrisy that is the phony leftwing media. But on Thursday on the O”Reilly factor, Juan Williams (left wing) and Warren Ballentine (left wing loon with a radio show) were discussing the whole Limbaugh/NFL situation. As is typical for for the far left, Ballentine repeated had to try and talk over Williams anytime Williams made a valid point to dismiss the conspiracy theories the loony left has been spewing. But at the end of the debate, during a discuss of the “Barack the Magic Negro” parody that was played on a Limbaugh show (which is a parody base on an article written in the L.A. Times by an African-American author), Ballenstine exposed himself, and what the left wing represents. Warren Ballentine after being destroyed in the debate finally went off on the parody of Barack the Magic Negro, until Juan Williams explained to Ballentine that it was a parody of the L.A. Times article. So what does Ballentine do? Admit he’s wrong? Try and come up with another excuse? No. Instead Ballentine hurls a racist slur at Juan Williams:

“Juan its Ok, you can go back to the porch now”

Basically what Ballentine was calling Williams an Uncle Tom (and other choice slurs which I don’t care to type). Irony is an amazing thing.


Juan Williams responded Friday on the Oreilly factor (he was the guest host)


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