Mass shooting at Fort Hood military base in Texas – MUSLIM Terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan

malik_nadal_hasanArea and schools on lockdown. At least seven people are dead and 12 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas so far, as this horrible story develops.

Update: wounded count now up to 30

NBC reports from The Pentagon (Jim Miklaszewski) that this may be a terrorist attack. But that is not confirmed

Update: CNN now reporting 11 dead.

MSNBC had on their site (and has since removed) this quote (which is still available at Hotair linked above)

“A senior administration official told NBC News analyst Roger Cressey that the suspect who was in custody was an Army major with an Arabic-sounding name. The official said the shootings could have been a criminal matter rather than a terrorism-related attack and that there was no intelligence to suggest a plot against Fort Hood.”

The suspected gunman was identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan. He was killed and two other suspects have been apprehended, Lt. Robert W. Cone said. (ABC) A muslim.

CBS says Malik Hasan was a licensed psychiatrist from Maryland

Sarah Palin: On the Tragic Shooting Today at Ft. Hood

Fort Hood killer Malik Nadal Hasan was once quoted as saying “Muslims should rise up and kill the aggressors”. According to twitter user SusanHW who heard it on Hugh Hewitt radio show!

Malik Nadal Hasan is still alive (unfortunately), and is NOT a muslim
convert, but born a muslim!

Hasan was also apparently a big fan of muslims suicide bombings, so much so that he posted about it on the internet. (Washington Examiner and Gateway Pundit)

After lauding a Muslim U.S. Army soldier who killed comrades in Kuwait in 2003, Hasan wrote in an online posting, “If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers … that would be considered a strategic victory.”

Update 11/6/09 – The Blog Prof reports that Hasan shouted Allahu Akbar! before shooting

AP/Breitbart former classmate Dr. Val Finnell of the Fort Hood shooting suspect says Maj. Nidal Hasan was an outspoken opponent of the U.S. war on terror and called it a “war against Islam.”

WND: WOW! Nidal Hasan played a homeland security advisory role in  Obama’s transition into the White House, according to a key university policy institute document. Heres a video from Hasan at a Homeland Security event last November:


Too all you losers in the “Politically correct” media. This is a terrorist attack, no matter how much you want to hide it.

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  • melissatx

    It wasn’t an Irish, an Amish, or a Baptist.
    It was a Muslim. Much like the Ft. Dix 6, this was a premeditated attack by members of the “religion” of “Peace.” This is not Bush’s fault, it is O’s debacle and he will bear it as a failing for dicking around in both theaters and entertaining terrorists.

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  • Randy

    USA just had a terrorist attack, at FT Hood after 8 years of being safe, Thanks to Obama

  • John

    Straight up, muslums hate America, Israel, christianity and the jewish. This is not a secret, or at least not a secret to thinking people and those who do not live in the white house. They will die trying to kill us. I vote
    we help them reach allah with al the speed available to our country and it’s military. Kill them all like we did in WWII, the last war we outright won by the way. They offer no quarter, nor should we. For eight years we were safe. We killed them in their countries. Now we have a closet muslum for president and Americans are being killed here, in our country. While the troops wait for reinforcements, every drop of American blood spilled runs down the hands of BO and on to the faces of those who support him. May they all burn for this failure to uphold their oaths to protect and defend the USA.

  • Caroline

    I haven’t seen any reports yet that it was a terrorist attack. No matter what it was, I’m struggling to understand how it could be Obama’s fault? Should he deport all Muslim Americans just in case one of them is unhinged?

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  • Crossbow

    Some of you guys think for erroneous reasons, that removing guns from the general public is safer than letting them keep them. What a crock of crap! This shooting was as bad as it was because some military (or likely politician) idiot made the same dumb rule as many parts of the USA and that was to ban guns except in training exercises on the base. Whoever made THIS decision was the reason it was a masacre.

    In Killeen many years earlier in a Luby’s cafeteria the same thing happened many years ago when a gunman went in there and started firing. Suzana gratia hupp a sitting representive who was there with her parents (who were both killed) and was licensed to carry, laid the blame where it should have been not on the gunman, but the politicians who said it was illegal for her to carry HER gun into the restaurant. Same thing goes for Fort Hood!

    Every government take over of their civilian population was prefaced by removing the ability of the civilians to defend themselves. Every act of violence was propogated by the victim to be unable to defend themselves. You are in essense in saying it is better to be defenseless in a violent altercation than to have a way to defend yourself.

    Personally I think we should FINE all you people for NOT carrying a gun! I have to hire a policeman to protect you (and in fact will just be there to investigate your death from the crime because he was not there when the crime was comitted), when in fact YOU should have protected yourself!

    Everyone… should 1) go to a gun safety training program, 2) buy or be given a gun and a gun safe in which to store them when not on their person, 3) free training time at gun ranges to make sure you are proficient, 4) make it illegal NOT to carry a weapon unless given a government “permit” not too.

    Crime would then PLUMIT because there would not be anymore victims for the slaughter. Stop your whining about guns. It is a precious gift to have the RIGHT to carry a gun.

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  • jim

    What is this asshole doing in our military.
    Political correctness gone haywire.

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  • Montana

    My heart and prayers go out to all the victims, and the victims family and friends.

    From all the news reports it appears this Major is a career military man and that in his current position for less than a year and was not going well. He did not want to be deployed and in fact wanted out of the Army, so he paid back his military student loans and hired an attorney.

    The reason may have been that he was being harassed and called names like “camel jockey ”. I guess all that sensitivity training for those with bigotry tendencies are all for not. (Can training real change the way you were brought up?)

    Another reason is called PTSD by proxy, the stress of treating PTSD in other soldiers make you go a little crazy yourself. Its even more stressful because most of the higher ranks don’t even believe in such thing as PTSD. Their denial prompts them to tell suffering soldiers to “drink it off.” Some civilians in the defense dept feel the same way no doubt IMO, it’s why hardly anything is mentioned of PTSD until one of these violent episodes occurs. These people see PTSD as a cop-out or an excuse. First we need to have an understanding that PTSD actually is real before we can ever hope to help treat it (does anyone believe that being shot at or killing your fellow man is not going to affect you in some way either then or in the future?). I guess with the high soldier suicide rate before and after deployment kinda takes care of the complaints from coming in (so those who said he should have just killed himself, well that’s already happening ). What real pissed me off when I heard that the military was trying to say that some soldiers coming back from this war with PTSD or other psychological disorders had “Pre-Existing Conditions” and that the military would not pay to treat them, I think it has been corrected but what a bunch of asses they break you and don’t want to pay.

    The final issue is why does the military want to keep people in their ranks that no longer want to be there is it just sheer number? I mean is it ten percent, twenty percent. Is it that it is the only contract in the US that you can’t get out of unless to kill yourself or kill your fellow soldiers? It does not make any sense to me.

    I guess the Major could just be another wacko like Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholas, of course McVeigh was executed and apparently because Nicholas became a Christian he received a life sentenced. I real think if he gets that far the Major will get the former and not in a million years the latter.

    This is so messed up, hopefully they will make some changes that make sense.

  • Montana

    I guess the US military will carry out detail questioning as to why he did it and will prove all of us wrong.

    After that happens, I know some will still believe there point still has some merit.