Juan Williams shows his true liberal colors – Bashes Sarah Palin as a “bad mother”

Before any loony liberals attempt to play the race card with my title of this post, “true liberal colors” has nothing to do with skin color, so save your energy. Juan Williams is generally a “fair” liberal. He doesn’t always make excuses for Obama, just 90% of the time when appearing either on Fox News Sunday, Special Report, or The O’Reilly Factor. He doesn’t usually just mindless bash anyone opposed to Obama and/or his policies. But he finally went overboard yesterday on Fox News Sunday. Creative Minority Report posted a video (and article) summarizing the debacle. Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney were on the panel discussing Pailin’s chanves in 2012. Williams attempts to elevate the debate by saying “Let’s look at the record” and then proceeds to accuse Sarah Palin of being “self centered” and a bad mother and says Palin “doesn’t even know whats going on with her family”. I guess I am to assume Williams knows everything going on himself better with Palin’s family?


The video doesn’t show Kristol’s response to Williams who replied: ‘At least she doesn’t bow to the emperor of Japan.’