Rush Limbaugh plays parody of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the song “New York, New York”

I love the parodies Limbaugh plays using Paul Shanklin, but this one may take the cake. Yesterday Limbaugh played a parody (not sure if the voice used is Shanklin’s or not), but this parody of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sing “New York, New York” almost made me laugh up a lung!


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  • Emy Hopes

    Well i don’t think that Islamics people happy to listen this songs.i am not surprise if they bane this song in Islamics countries.

  • James

    Never before have I seen such a runaway government go to such depths to destroy our nation. I see the Democrat Party completely and without regard to the will of the people passing bill after bill that is causing the downfall of the United States while garbing one pork barrel project after another. This is no longer the country I went to war for, I have lowered my flag because I am ashamed of what the Democrat Party (for the love of greed)has become. As a former Democrat in the past, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT AS LONG AS i LIVE, I vote no confidence in this nation under no God with no freedom and no justice for all.

  • lozaone18

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