Juan Williams is a racist and a sexist! Calls Sarah Palin “catnip for white male Republicans”?

juan_williamsRemember back in October, when Juan Williams was on the O’Reilly Factor with Warren Ballentine? They were debating the issue of wether Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to purchase the St. Louis RAMs. Ballentine being the left wing nut that he is of course was against the idea, and Juan Williams made valid points to dismiss the conspiracy theories the loony left had been spewing. But at the end of the debate, Ballentine said to Williams:

“Juan its Ok, you can go back to the porch now”

Ever since then, Williams has gone even more left, maybe bowing down to the thoughts at the time that he was a “sell out”. Tonight on the O’Reilly Factor while discussing Sarah Palin and her book tour, Williams had the audacity to call Sarah Palin “catnip for White male Republicans”. What the following clip from the show (at the 3 minute 52 second mark):


Now tell me something. What if say Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck or ANY conservative had said something to the effect:
Michelle Obama is like catnip to black male Democrats

What do you think would be happening about now? 24/7 coverage on every news station calling for their firing. I’d even venture to say that if some conservative had said something similar, they’d be getting a bunch of death threats at the moment.

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  • bobbi stinson

    I cannot for the life of me even begin to imagine losing a child. But for Juan, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, holder and others to use this for their own racist agenda is what’s wrong with the black race in America. They never try and focus on why people lock their car doors when a black youth or youths go by or why on an elevator I hold my purse tighter. WHY? Common sense. To me it’s not black or white it’s just being smart. But no, blacks, Obama, etc say we should not do that!!!! Right!! On Fox news panel on Zimmerman, I heard a black man say (can’t remember name) it’s not until more whites are killed will there be a solution. Great mentality. No wonder black youth are doomed. 60% dropping out of school, in gangs, different fathers, food stamps, etc. They are not taught like Dr. Carlson to study, They are out in the streets where I live at 8:00 and 9:00 pm …12 or 15 years old. Not at home with parents eating supper, studying, etc. I bet parents of these children don’t really know where they are or care. Just send those welfare check, food stamps, I even heard one member of the panel when Sean Hannity said that blacks are killing blacks at an alarming rate in Chicago and this panel member said that’s just gangs doing that as if a life of a gang black person doesn’t matter. Help your own, jess, al, juan, obama holder. Trayon’s parents were not married. Father was on third wife and step mother raised Trayon 80% of time. Where was the wonderful mother of this child. Pot smoking, thug, thrown out of school. But all of a sudden you would think the family was a cast of “leave it to beaver”. Get It straight Juan

  • Divineconnection7

    I do not like juan williams at all.