So called “Centrist” Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand embraces communist Van Jones and will speak on the same panel

vanjonesRemember when Kirsten Gillibrand was a Congresswoman in New York and considered a “centrist” or even a blue dog Democrat? Since being appointed to the Senate by David Paterson to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacated Senate seat, Gillibrand has shown her true colors. Voting for the stimulus, cloture on ObamaCARE, the Omnibus bill etc. Now it seems according The Hill and Big, communist and truther Van Jones will speak on the same panel at a New York City forum next month with Gillibrand.

Jones, who served as green jobs czar, resigned his advisory position last year after it was revealed he signed a petition that suggested the Bush administration deliberately allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen as a pretext for war.

Conservative lawmakers and activists had put pressure on Jones for weeks leading up to the revelation, arguing that his past remarks and political leanings made him unfit for office.

Jones and Gillibrand will speak on a panel sponsored by the Advocacy Project at the Harvard Club in New York. Jones is scheduled to speak about the Obama administration’s jobs agenda.

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