Classless, sexist Juan Williams calls Sarah Palin a “centerfold” and Sean Hannity is just a “flag waver”

juan_williamsFirst it was Juan Williams calling Sarah Palin “catnip” to Republicans back in December on the O’Reilly Factor. Tonight it was NRP’s Juan Williams calling Sarah Palin a “centerfold” when the discussion came up about Palin’s appearance on Leno last night. During the Hannity “Great American Panel” that included Williams, S.E. Cupp, and some hillbilly singer. As is typical for a liberal progressive like Williams, instead of actually debating the question posed by Hannity, Williams just goes off saying people like Sarah Palin because she’s a “centerfold.”. This is sexist! Surely you would think Woman’s Organizations such as NOW will be giving Willaims a call right </sarcasm>. Towards the end of the debate when Hannity/Williams were debating if Obama is weak on national security, all Williams could do again was rag on Palin and call Hannity a “flag waver.”