Dan Rather on the Chris Matthews show: Obama Couldn’t ‘Sell Watermelons’

tinglelegOf course, Dan Rather’s comments about Obama selling watermelons surely wouldn’t be labeled as racist will it? I’m sure just like Donny Deustch’s comment calling Marco Rubio a coconut, Dan Rather meant “nothing racial” with his comment. Yet like Deustch, Dan Rather just happened to pick a stereotypical word used by those who demean one’s race or ethnicity. I wonder if Chris Matthews got a thrill up his leg after this comment?


Newsbusters has the transcript of Dan Rather’s rather racist comment:

DAN RATHER: Part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be President Obama’s leadership. And the Republicans will make a case and a lot of independents will buy this argument. “Listen he just hasn’t been, look at the health care bill. It was his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death.” And a version of, “Listen he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate” this is what’s been used against him, “but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.”

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  • Jenny

    I’m a white woman, married to a Tejano, with a biological child that is African American, Native American, and white. This is a terrible stereotype, and Rather needs to retire. YESTERDAY! If anyone but a liberal media darling had said this, the outcry would be deafening.

    On the other hand, I don’t want this to overshadow the fact that Obama is going to pass this HC bill illegally and unconstitutionally.

  • Barbara Guyhto

    As an African American female senior citizen…I take offense to Dan Rather’s comment relative to Obama and his being unable to sell “WATERMELONS.”
    This was as racist as racist gets.

    Rather should be reprimanded by this…and Chris Matthews, should have jumped right in and called him on this. (He did not.) And, that only makes the situation even worse. It is NOT…repeat, NOT acceptable and some type of action should be taken causing Rather to retract and offer an apology to those he offended with this STEREOTYPICAL REMARK…including the President of these United States.

    Pretell. When will this type of behavior cease! Enough already!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    I cannot believe this is not all over the television……Dan Rathers retired, now he needs to stay home and keep his mouth shut. However, if Rush Limbaugh had said it – we would be flooded with the image over and over, and he would have been out in the streets tarred and feathered. Once again, the liberal media gets away with saying anything (true or not).

  • Ruth

    and by the way, if Obama is so articulate why is it that he never pronounces the last consonant, such as gonna, hafta, bein, gettin. President Bush was made fun of, and yet -

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  • http://twitter.com/il_Padrino_Ute Garth Haycock

    Obama is articulate?  Really?  An articulate person does not need a teleprompter to give a speech.

    • stevenminjares

      I’ve never considered obama as an articulate person maybe a street smart hustler but he is so easy to read! So he is a bull chitter and a bad one at that, he’s is what we would call “pretty much a WORTHLESS STREET PUNK !