Reconciliation Health Care bill posted online! 2,309 pages! Bill includes language to federalize student loans and is called America’s Affordable Health Choice of 2009

nocareThe Obama / Pelosi / Senate health care bill has been posted online! It is 2,309 pages long and includes language to federalize student loans! There is even mention of a public option (see page 1167. Sec 221). There is no H.R. number yet, and the bill begins with this language:

To provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 202 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2010

If you intend to read the entire PDF of the health care bill, make sure your CPU can handle it, and your computer has plenty of memory. Michelle Malkin also posted about this bill, and posted the table of contents if you don’t want to bother with the PDF file.

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  • dharc

    The whole point is ,we are not slaves,forced to pay the government to support their favorite race of the day.The world does not owe these people a living.Why do i take food out of my childrens mouth to give to somebody from a third world country who sneaked in to the U.S.?If you sit on a couch all day and watch oprah why in the “L” do I owe you healthcare,hud,wic and whatever else you can steal?For how many generations have you sat on the couch? This is WRONG…..

  • john diver

    THE current “health care” bill is a boon to the already corrupt American Insurance Industry! It guarantees it additional billions of dollars in profits, if ratified and signed into law! If the bill fails, the lucrative American Insurance Industry maintains the status quo and does business as usual. It is a win/win situation for the American Insurance Companies!
    Short falls: the current bill does not address DENTAL INSURANCE needs! It does not address EYECARE INSURANCE needs! Why? That could lesson profits!
    What the American nation needs is to do is extend the existing “Medicare” insurance to all Americans! No need for congress to pretend to have to re-invent the wheel here!

  • john diver

    Mr. Stupak only pretends to be anti-abortion.

  • M.Williams

    In your face  Racist Republicans wait till you see what ‘s next,Mitt Full of Shit!! is going down……….