Oregon Progressive Liberal Rep. Peter DeFazio Switches ‘Yes’ Vote to ‘No’ on ObamaCARE

nocareRep Peter DeFazio or Oregon is a flaming progressive liberal. Yet Defazio announced today he will NOT be voting for the Senate version of ObamaCARE unless he sees as fixes to the insufficient Medicare spending in rural areas.

Just when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to be one vote shy of the 216 she needs for health care reform to pass, a Democrat who voted for the bill last year says he’s switching his vote to no.

The opposition from Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., dials back the number of House members leaning toward voting yes to 214, and the number leaning toward voting no to 217.

DeFazio announced his opposition shortly after Ohio Rep. John Boccieri, also a Democrat, announced that he will switch his vote to yes, temporarily putting Pelosi within one vote of what she needs.

Boccieri, a freshman lawmaker who opposed the House version of the bill last November, announced his decision at a Capitol Hill news conference on Friday. He was one of four Democrats to switch from no to yes in the past few days as Obama and Democratic leaders try to corral enough votes for the legislation. A vote is expected on Sunday.

DeFazio, who voted for the bill last year, complicated things for Democratic leaders. But he indicated he could still change his mind again.

“I’m a no unless they fix this,” he said, referring to what he sees as insufficient Medicare spending in rural areas.

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  • Valerie Whitney

    THANK YOU, Congressman Defazio, for LISTENING to us! We don’t want this!

  • donna

    I’m not buying this. He’ll vote yes…it’s all a stalling game anyway. They will pass this Bill no matter what. Planned Parenthood is celebrating the opening of the largest abortuary ever, and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be happier. God help us all.