Left wing extremist issues death threats against Sarah Palin, Tea Party members and Eric Cantor on Twitter

And naturally at the time of this posting, twitter has done nothing about this crazy left wing extremist’s account. What a shock


I’ll place a bet that not one of the lame stream media outlets mentions this.

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  • Ben

    Earlier on in his feed he also claims to be part of MS13 (its a gang)

  • Ben

    Oh and BTW, that SeAtTle guys feed is at least as bad… maybe he was the “gang member.” Either way I reported him to the FBI

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  • tigershark112002

    This guy is an idiot and a coward. Easy to threaten when you are anonymous. None of this stuff, right or left is any good for the U.S. Just don’t see it doing anybody any good. Sure wish we coud find ground as Americans.

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  • ann

    Violence against the TeaParty movement, or Sarah Palin will only make them stronger! Threatening to kill someone over the internet is not too wise! It can be used against you if you ever go through with a murder, or are even suspected to be involved in a murder. Not too smart! Also if a man attacks, or tries to attack Sarah Palin it will look like some bully trying to abuse a women. Regardless of your opinion on the Tea Party or Sarah Palin does anyone descent human being really think that it is morale to threaten to kill someone’s family/ children? That’s about as low as someone can get. So attacking women and children is okay to some people. I am ashamed of twitter for allowing this assault on people and their children by not erasing some of these hateful comments and reporting them to the authorities.

  • valerie evans

    These sick crazy people making threats toward Sarah and her family really need to be dealt with on a legal level. Sarah Palin is a sweet sweet compassionate awesome human being who has been nothing but nice to me and my family and who has helped try to raise money for my pre cancer treatments I have to have on my esophagus and for medical bills.God Bless Sarah. These sick people are just jealouse and these people are why this world is getting more evil every day. God Bless.

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