Elitist twit Cathy Areu throws a temper tantrum on the O’Reilly Factor over Sarah Palin

democrat-logoProgressive liberal snobs like Cathy Areu throw tantrums basically on an hourly basis. Regardless if its via their blog posts from their parent’s basement after a few hours of playing WoW, or on television in the lame stream media. But the tantrum thrown by Cathy Areu who is the magazine publisher of Catalina was pure classic. The Wal-Mart lines used over and over again by Areu were probably the best. Hey Cathy, get over your jealousy!


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  • deborah ondi

    After watching cathy areu on tv with Bill, I am more determined to support Sarsh Palin than ever. This woman has got on the right rosd and we are not going to let her turn back. Her father is right she and the rest of us are not retreating we are just reloading.I shop at walmart and at Target and I would be more likely to see Sarah there than I would Cathy.Sarah is what we need right now because she speaks for me and more than 60% of the american people that is, PROUD OF AMERICA ANY TIME AND DAY OF THE WEEK,unlike some people we know. Being AMERICAN IS THE BEST……

  • Cara

    Ok this woman should be ashamed of herself! If you want to go on national TV and discredit a former VP candidate on worthless ramblings you have some serious mental issues. I find it hard to believe this woman is self made since her intelligence level isn’t even as high as my High heels! Pure Jealousy and envy. And for saying Sarah has no class, Im sure Ms Areu doesn’t even know the meaning of class, because clearly she has none. To pass judgement on a successful person whom she has never met, and just decides if the woman doesn’t shop where she does or take a subway she is not worthy! Id like to know how Cathy knows so much about a woman she never met? Is she stalking Sarah? or paying someone else to stalk her? Pathetic!

  • Antonio

    This is a perfect example of how liberals lack any type of integrity. These same people have been trying to sell us on the idea that multi-millionaire democrats like Obama, Gore, the Clintons and hundreds of Hollywood elites can relate to “the little guy.” Now Sarah Palin makes some money and she’s somehow disqualified from being seen as one of us, but J-Lo is still “Jenny from the block.”

  • chad

    what an idiot, I live in Wasilla, and have seen Sarah in used clothes shops, she lives in the same house, and drives the same cars since before she was governor. She needs to earn a lot of loot to keep up with all the legal fees from stupid liberal lawsuits.

  • http://morsecodejewelry.blogspot.com/ Annie Fields

    Saw it when it aired and it was CRINGE worthy. All I kept thinking was, “Girl, OReilly is TRYING to save you from yourself! Take it! Cuz this is a train wreck of one of those moments that when you are 80, you will WISH you could take it back!” Poor girl. Cathy, if you by some remarkable chance read this, at least this conservative regards your tantrum as that, just a tantrum, and when in the hindsight and sobriety of time, you realize it was just a moment in time, you can embrace it and find a way to LAUGH about it.

  • Crystal

    So happy to find another conservative website. Seems there are more liberal websites than conservative. Maybe that’s because liberals have nothing else to do but push for everyone to live off the public dole. As for this Cathy Areu… what a joke she is. If I recall, it was only about 2 years ago that Sarah Palin was being criticized for shopping at 2nd hand stores. Then criticized for the campaign providing her with an expensive wardrobe. Now that she is so famous because of the liberals obsession with her, she is criticized for not shopping at Wal-mart? She would be mobbed at Wal-mart by either a crowd who loves her or one that hates her. Either way she can’t go into a Wal-mart. The irony here is that the liberal left made her the star she is today. We conservatives would’ve loved her for her stance, her message, her courage. We didn’t need her to be wealthy to love what she brought to the stage & awakened those of us on the right who were feeling pretty crushed & discouraged as we watched our country changing. The liberal left made her the multi-millionaire she is today & they know it.

  • rrockbeast

    This woman is jealous of Sarah’s success. She almost said as much.

  • Rick Catanzarite

    I just watched Cathy Areu on the O’Reilly show. It is sad that they even bother to allow this idiot face time on his show!
    Asked if she believes our borders are safe? Her response was “absolutely”.
    I live in Arizona about 45 miles north of the border and trust me, THEY ARE NOT SAFE. Imagine your dog waking you up at 3:00 A.M. and finding BP in your 8′ high walled back yard, shining their flashlights around. I hit our “panic” flood lights and BP thanked me as they took off after the illegal hiding in our bushes! Learned they had stopped the car and 8-10 illegals took off running.
    BP started following a vehicle on I-19 in Sahuarita. It exited the freeway onto Sahuarita Road, which is under construction. He sped up in an attempt to escape but hit the car of a woman dropping her daughter off at the school. There were dozens of children who managed to jump out of the way. BP got this illegal but not before he put our children in danger!
    OUR BORDERS ARE NOT SECURE and AREU is an idiot.

  • Peterkeith

    cathy areu is a racsit hispanic snob who tows the militant left agenda she can’t debate anybody intellingently so she gets loud and rude and gets on tv for defaming succesful and intelligent people who dont even know or care who she is which by the way nobody does!

  • Comayagua1

    O’Reilly should of despite her age, turned her over his knees and administered a good old fashioned no nonsense disciplinary spanking on that plump bare bottom of hers.  Needless to say it would be long overdue and well deserved.  Bill have a hairbrush available next time!!!