Rush Limbaugh destroys Bill Clinton: Didn’t Waco Inspire OKC Bombing?

While Bill Clinton ruined a dress during his time as President (while being impeached), he is now attempting to ruin the Tea Party, which he wouldn’t have any success with. While Clinton has jumped on the bandwagon of the “Tea Party is going to cause another OKC bombing by a Timothy McVeigh wanna be” one has to wonder. What about the WACO attack that occurred exactly two years prior to the OKC bombing?


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  • DANEgerus

    Ruby Ridge too…

    When SWAT teams kidnap Elian Gonzalez to turn him over to Castro you have a Government that repeatedly demonstrated that is quite comfortable turning armed Federal military force upon it’s own citizens.

  • Sammy Finkelman

    April 19, 2010: Dick Morris just said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox that Bill Clinton wanted to replace Janet Reno for his second term, but Janet Reno threatened to tell the truth about Waco, and that forced his hand and he had to keep her. Sean Hannity said he never heard that before and Dick Morris said he had never told it before.

    My first question is that wait – she couldn’t do that, because she’d be implicating herself. But then, such a threat might be enough to get Clinton to keep her.

    Actually more possible is that she threatened to say something about Waco – not necessarily the full truth. It certainly would be possible to tell a half and partial truth about Waco that could get Clinton in trouble but would leave her safe – Clinton could not say anything further without implicating himself. and while you could say maybe there is a way to handle it you couldn’t redict how it would all end if something was started.

    There is still another question. That would only gain her four years. Maybe it was only this – she didn’t want to leave office – maybe didn’t consider quite sfe to leave office – while Bill Clinton was still President.

    This was probably a planned disclosure by Dick Morris (considering that today is the anniversary of the Waco fire. Morris was asked about the claims Clinton has made about verbal attacks leading to whatever and he said you have to consider what was actually in McVeigh’s mind if you can know what was in such a person’s mind – the problem with such an assertion is this: McVeigh blamed the federal government in general – lower ranking people – NOT Bill Clinton in any way. The truth may have been that it was Clinton but McVeigh subscribed to something where the government in generakl was doing things, and if he had not, he never would have taken part in the attack on the Murrah Building. Dick Morris just wanted to get this tidbit out, which is probably moderately inaccurate, and used the chance that he had, saying it by the way without slowing down or indicating anything in the modulation of his voice that this was something important to know.

    I wonder anyway just how much Morris knows. What Morris probably knows is that the Waco fire was something about which Clinton felt he had something to hide and I think he said something to that and I don’t know if he has any idea exactly what unless he’s read something.