Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first U.S. President to hold press conference without any American Flags present

Here is yet another first for the “historic President.” One thing that few people noticed while Obama gave his press conference at the White House last week was missing. The American Flag! Progressive liberal’s can’t use the excuse of “lack of time in planning” because this press conference was known about nearly a week before it occured. Look at this picture

Picture from AIPNEWS

Behind him was just yellow curtains, and a couple of gold columns with chandeliers, but no American flag! A poster at Free Republic researched and looked at all photos of many press conferences (not press briefings) of past presidents. What the poster found was Obama is the only President to not have an American Flag or flags standing proudly behind or off to the side.

So, maybe there was another motive for the flags absence. We know Obama (or his handlers) carefully choreograph his image, his appearances… It’s why he’s so teleprompter-dependent. Surely he and his advisers know that flag issues have been a lightning rod — even before he was elected. I think this was deliberate. Could it be that Obama really is ashamed of America? Could it be that he thinks he is the citizen of the world which has no flag? Ladies and gentlemen this is very disturbing coming from the office of the Presidency. This is not normal to not have the symbol of the United States and its government in the east room of the White House and it is not very Presidential either. Many patriotic brave men and women have died under the stars and stripes called old glory. This fiasco coupled with the President skipping the laying of the Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetary this Memorial Day speaks volumes of the man (or Usurper) that sits in the Oval Office. What say you?

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  • The Truth

    They say actions speak louder than words. Thsi man’s actions to date have spoken volumes! These are the actions of someone who holds no respect for the country he represents… who considers its citizens his subjects… subjugated under him. He sees himself the absolute ruler. To him, presently, congress is just a formality… something to be dissolved in the near future… when they have outlived their usefulness… when the people have been disarmed, made penniless and have no way of fighting back.

    We are a divided people… Democrats against Republicans… Liberals against Conservatives… patriots against so-called civil rights activists… gays against heterosexuals… the list goes on and on.

    Our attention is diverted with things like states’ rights, being openly gay in the military, the BP oil spill in the Gulf, Global Warming, healthcare reform, immigration reform…

    Meanwhile, this usurper, who has hidden his identity from prying eyes for a reason, sits back secure in the knowledge that divided, we fall… advancing his own agenda (or that of someone who is pulling his strings). This president cares nothing about the United States of America. Further, his assembled cabinet cares nothing about the USA. The appointed czars… well, you get the idea. This cancer runs deep.

    If you’re reading this… if you look beyond what’s reported on TV and in the newspapers… you know all of this to be true. The questions then becomes these: What do we do about it? When do we do it? How much longer do we have until it’s too late to save what we once knew as our beloved United States of America?

  • Teri Hunter

    Since the man was running for president, I knew that he hated America. My main worry is that he will somehow hamstring the election before November. I really need to know what I can do as a lone citizen to stop him! As a volunteer with the RNC, I always end any conversation with: “We must ALL stand together and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the obvious!”

  • Jon

    Well, he’s waiting to come out with his new and improved flag alongside the new and improved “un-flawed” constitution. The flag will be red, black and gold while the new and improved constitution will be nonexistent.

    And the media will swoon over him more than ever.

    I don’t care what you think of alternative “takes” on these situations but listen to guys like Alex Jones. Even it is with a grain of salt…you will learn a lot about Obama and prior presidents and the shadiness of our government in general.

  • Jon Myers

    Seriously…You call this imp (imposter) a man? To call him a scoudrel would be much too kind. Should we, at this point, be shocked or alarmed at any of his actions?

    His agenda is clearly expressed, and in direct opposition to all points of the Constitution.

    Do any of us believe that we are those people referred to within the Declaration of Independence as “We the People”, or are those only our ancestors who passed long ago and took with them that designation?

    To return to a Constitutional government will require much work, but is only the beginning to a battle we face in regaining our true freedom.

    Fight the good fight,

  • teresa

    i cant believe that we ended up with such a disrespectful prez. everyone living in usa (legal or not) should be very greatful to vets for our freedom! not to mention we all should be upset at the fact that our nations symbol of freedom was not seen as the prez spoke! im very ashamed to have a prez such as our current one in office.

  • eddieadams

    First, since this Pres. wants to rid US of a good Gay slogan, “Don’t Ask & Don’t Tell,” may I propose a new slogan, “What a Difference a Gay makes.” – a play on the song by Ella.Fitzgerald.
    Second, – When in the History of America has the Patriot American waited two years while the ENEMY ravaged our Land before we took defensive action.? The Enemy has occupied our Nation’s Capital since Jan 2009, and We the People are to be rendered Helpless for two Years before action is taken in our defense…?

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  • Chrisann

    Not a shocker, he is slowly removing everything that has to do with being American. This president doesn’t deserve the honor of that title. He is arrogant and disrespectful to every single citizen in his corrupt actions and attitude. I would love to see him impeached but not sure if Biden is going to do us much good. He is a bigger loser than Gore was!

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  • The Jimmy Z Show

    How do we know he’s the FIRST? I need to confirm that. I have no access to all the pressers of the last 50 years on television…

  • Jimmy Rebel

    I honestly think he’s the best president America has ever had. He might be black, hell he might even be arab, but he’s still the best president of the world.

  • jy

    He is a great president,for willing to turn America into communist country,keeping the racism going, spending all the American peoples money by entertaining while your wondering how to pay your bills and feed yourself HE makes 400,000.yr and spends 10 million entertaining, having a bigger government so they will know everything YOU are doing,controlling what your information will and will not be.And penalizing you for suceeding.What are your reasons for him being so great?Seriously!

  • Big Ugly

    To the Usurper Obama;

    Remove yourself, immediately, from the Office you now occupy – while you may still do so under your own free will.

  • Jay

    I rarely blog, but I had to reply to this. It would take hours for me to list every single thing I loathe about Obama. Frankly, almost nothing he does now shocks me. But THIS did. I am begging someone to tell me, what can we do to stop this lunatic from continuing his goal of abolishing the USA? Voting him out of office in 2012 may not be enough — we may not have a country left before that. Can he be impeached? Any legal eagles out there who can reply?

  • Yes We Can

    Can we impeach President Obama? YES WE CAN ! Simply add your name to this list:

    Obama has no respect for America so I don’t know how we are supposed to respect anything he says. Its obvious Obama is only a good prompter reader and nothing more. I see a lot of “tough words” but when the going gets tough, Obama gets going…but to the golf course or on vacation. His priorities are totally out of line with the average American. How can he say he’s done anything when he hasn’t even met with BP’s CEO to talk about a plan. He’s a fake.

  • Ernest Brown

    Remember when the truckers lined up and went to
    the whitehouse over fuel prices? How about we the
    people line up go to the whitehouse and drag his
    butt out kick it a few times, and tell him he is through, you don’t live here any more, hit the road Jack and don’t come back.

  • Red Pill Popper

    Nothing in politics is an accident. This is a sigm or a signal of some kind. That is obvious. He is losing weight and graying awfully fast which means that something has Mr Cool, Calm and Collected very stressed out. I wonder if he finally realized that he is nothing more than a puppet.

    My fear is that all of this radical stuff he is doing at the order of his true bosses is an act of desperation because if he doesn’t follow the script the writers of the play won’t have any use for him.

    I pray nothing bad, other than being arrested for treason or voted out in 2012, happens but nothing that he is doing makes any sense unless the goal is to have everything he does not make any sense other than to anger our governments subjects.

    I find it odd that he will be joining the First Female and his family in Spain, Kind of odd.

    Hopefully it is meant to be a distraction while they shove some other act of tyranny at us with the other hand.

  • bbad

    Obama may be the Antichrist and if not he’s still scary how can we get this Arab out of the white house