Dirty Linda Sanchez (D-California) claims white supremacist groups behind Arizona Immigration Law SB1070

Yet again, the faux cries of racism and discrimination rear their ugly head from an ugly progressive marxist. This time its Dirty Sanchez, aka Linda Sanchez. She told a Democratic Club on Tuesday that white supremacist groups are influencing lawmakers to adopt laws that will lead to discrimination.

“There’s a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups,” said the lawmaker, who is of Mexican descent. “It’s been documented. It’s not mainstream politics.”

Yea, I guess actually enforcing laws is a white supremacist type thing huh? If this was the case, why did Robert Byrd write the bill?

How did Dirty Linda Sanchez come to this conclusion? She told the newspaper after her speech that she based her accusation on online stories, particularly a blog written by Andrea Nill, an immigration researcher for ThinkProgress, an offshoot of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund. ThinkProgress is of course another George Soros funded propaganda organization. So you can certainly take her word to the bank.

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  • Delores

    And….by her own admission, she got her “facts” from…wait for it…a blog! Sanchez has officially attained TSTR status! (Too Stupid To Represent)

  • Henry

    Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Ca, is a typical brainwashed puppet of Global Elitists, or the proponents of One World Government. Sanchez told a Democratic Club on Tuesday “The only way we are going to fix this problem is to have “federal legislation,”” but what Mss. Sanchez mean by federal legislation?” Federal legislation is the amendment of the current immigration laws with pro-amnesty, and pro open-borders immigration reform. In other words, the Global Elitists are behind immigration reform or “federal legislation.” Global Elitists are aiming to centralize their power by erasing the borders between Mexico, the US, and Canada, and eventually they will succeed in gaining more power by successfully erasing the borders between all Central, and South America countries, hence the name “The United States of America.”

  • Henry

    America has descended gradually into the very pit of hell since the tyrannical Justices of the US Supreme Court in 1963, declared the Holy Bible unconstitutional, after being America’s main moral guiding light, and main teaching manual for over two hundred and fifty years. Americans are now reaping the immoral fruits of godlessness cultivated in public schools throughout America, consequently Doctors today are committing murder through abortion, and euthanasia legally, married couples are divorcing legally, sodomites are sodomizing, and marrying legally, and the immoral dumbed-down losers of America have only excuses, excuses, and nothing but excuses. We cannot win the war on terror in the Middle East, we cannot fix the national debt, we cannot stop millions of gallons of crude oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, we cannot fix the poor state of the economy, we cannot fix the rampant unemployment plaguing our nation, we cannot stop the ever increasing violence in the inner cities, and public schools, we cannot stop the influx of illegal aliens, and illegal drugs, and we cannot, we cannot, we cannot…. No doubt, America is a country of religious, but godless losers. Don’t worry be happy, this is only the beginning, it will get much worse as surely as the sun rises in the morning. This is the price Americans have to pay for ignoring God, and His Son Jesus Christ for the last sixty-three year, since the tyrannical justices of the US Supreme Court established an illegal wall of separation between Church and State in 1947. Isaiah 60:12, “For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined.”

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