Not so Bright. Sick and desperate Democrat Bobby Bright of Alabama jokes that Nancy Pelosi might “get sick and die”

Nancy Pelosi The HagLook, I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi. I can’t stand her policies, i can’t stand her as a person, and I can’t stand her phoniness. But I would never do what a desperate Democrat from Alabama did at a recent townhall meeting.  Bobby Bright who is for a tough re-election bid this fall being in a conservative district, but a part of the marxistcrat party joked that maybe Nancy Pelosi will “get sick and die” when asked by constituents about her. Had this been a Republican I would be as outraged as I am with Bright being a Democrat. The media of course will mainly ignore this since Brown is a Democrat, but that doesn’t excuse what he did. Washington Post has Bright’s not so bright quote:

`heck, she might even get sick and die,’

Democrats running ads against her and Obama are phony enough, but certainly not vile. This is just downright disgusting. (Yes, I am defending Pelosi for once.)

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