RACIST! CNN’s Rick Sanchez calls Obama the “Cotton Picking President”

rich_sanchezNow tell me something. If Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin said something as racist as what CNN’s Rick Sanchez said, what do you think would be happening about now? 24/7 news reports calling for their firing, protests, death threats, and who knows what else. The fact that drunk driver Rick Sanchez called Obama the “Cotton Picking President” will probably amount to nothing else but a phony apology from from dirty Sanchez, and no reaction from the media, the NAACP, or other social justice groups.


Now lets assume for a second the old drunk driver Rick Sanchez wasn’t being racist here. I’m not willing to give a dirtbag like him the benefit of the doubt, but some may be. Sanchez should at least get it right though. Obama isn’t a cotton picker. Obama is a pick pocketer and job killer. Get it right Sanchez!

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