Rasmussen Poll: Rand Paul leads Jack Conway by 11 points for Kentucky Senate

rand-paulThere was a recent CNN poll released that showed the Rand Paul/Conway race for Kentucky’s Senate seat basically tied. This was quit surprising to me and many  other. Then it was revealed that CNN oversampled Democrats to try and fudge the numbers to make the races appear closer than they actually are (maybe the entice Democrats to vote). That poll was done on September 2nd. Now as we begin October, a new Rasmussen poll about the Kentucky Senate race puts the difference between Paul and Conway at 11 points. Rand Paul gets 49% of the vote, while Conway gets 38%. A Pollster.com average of all polling shows Rand Paul with nearly an 8 point lead at 48.2% to 40.5% for Conway.

Here’s the breakdown of the Rasmussen stats:

Eighty-two percent (82%) of Kentucky Republicans support Paul, as do nearly one-in-four Democrats (24%). Conway has the backing of just 67% of voters in his own party. Voters not affiliated with either of the major parties prefer Paul by nearly 20 points.

Yea, I guess that labeling of tea party candidates as “extremists” by the lame stream media and progressive liberal Democrats is really scaring off Independents isn’t it?

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