Joe Biden threatens to strangle any Republican who talks to him about balancing the budget

Joe-Biden_dumbestSince when did idiot Joe Biden become a Chicago politician? He’s from Delaware, they aren’t like that normally are they? Well, they have bearded Marxists running for the Senate, so maybe it’s not too far fetch. Only Joe Biden could make Dan Quayle seem like the smartest VP we’ve ever had. According to The Hill, Vice President Biden expressed his frustration toward Republicans on Tuesday, accusing them of having insincere concerns about the budget deficit. You know, the usual BS that spews from Biden’s or really any progressive liberal Democrat’s mouth. Then, Biden went on to say this:

If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them,” Biden said at a fundraiser in Minnesota, according to a pool report. “To the press, that’s a figure of speech.”

Isn’t it great? This regime talks about boots on the necks of companies, the evil fat cats, and now strangling those on the other side of the aisle who want a balanced federal budget. You just gotta love this regime.

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  • Diane Milligan

    He threatens to strangle Republicans w/o profanities? I’m surprised! I think VP “BiteMe” has lost it for sure. LOL #justkidding #JoeBiden

  • TRACYj.•*¨`*•.¸.•*

    ohhh, uncle Joe… you say the darnedest things :P

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  • Abtex1 Jf

    That old asshole would get his ass kicked by a girlscout.

  • BajaRat

    That incompetent piece of feces is bound to go the way of Comrade O’s itinerary…. straight to Gitmo for a 50 year “vacation.”

  • JIMH

    Oh, but if that were said by a Republican, Holder at the DOJ would have them up on charges, in a Chicago second…….Free pass to the Administration…….Great, just frikken great Leadership we’ve got in Washington….NOT……Corrupt thugs, liars and clowns…..

  • Jeddie Neal Churchill

    pathetic fool that no one pays any attention to

    • redfeather2010

      sounds like right wing projection if you ask me.

  • Straight88

    Balance the budget Biden! You couldn’t strangle a rabbit bitch!