Transparency! $162 million in stimulus funds not disclosed at

obama-porkulus-failRemember when Obama bragged about having the most transparent government in U.S. when he was elected? Most people actually believed. Some like me laughed and said yea right. Looks like I got the last laugh. USA Today has been a big Obama homer ever since he got elected, so the fact they broke this story is a bit surprising. According to their story, is missing $162 million in stimulus funds disclosure. All the dollars from the so called stimulus bill that have been spent were supposed to be posted on the website. Instead, we’ve got things like money going to zip codes that don’t exist, and now the news that significant money isn’t disclosed.

Recipients of 352 federal stimulus contracts, grants and loans have failed to report how they spent the money, the status of their projects or how many jobs were funded, according to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

I wonder if that money has found its way into some Democrat campaign coffers?

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