Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio to Obama “Shove it!”

ObamaLOL! Frank Caprio is the Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial candidate. While recent polls show former Republican and current progressive liberal “independent” Lincoln Chafee leading in this race, the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Caprio with a small lead. Obama however, refuses to endorse Caprio, and this hasn’t sat too well with ole’ Franky. With Obama headed to Rhode Island to visit a manufacturing facility and make remarks at a fundraiser, Frank Caprio told Obama to “Shove it!”

“He can take his endorsement and really shove it,” Caprio, who recently discovered the president will not be supporting him, told Providence radio station WPRO Monday morning.

Caprio says he was told by a reporter Sunday night that the president would not be endorsing him. A campaign spokesman for former Senator Lincoln Chafee told the Providence Journal that the lack of endorsement was a “victory” for the Republican-turned-independent, who endorsed President Obama in 2008.

“I’ve never asked President Obama for his endorsement, and what’s going on here is really Washington insider politics at its worst,” Caprio said.

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