Nut job Joy Behar about Sharron Angle on The View ‘She’s Going to Hell, That Bitch!’

joy-behar-tingle.jpgAh yes. Once again the cackling hags on The View need to draw attention to themselves. Today’s target was Sharron Angle for being “racist” by running against AGAINST illegal immigration. Whoopi Goldberg was on the show today, so Joy Behar had to pick up the slack I guess. According to BeHAG, we get the usual progressive liberal talking points about Angle. She’s stupid, a moron, evil, etc. Then the whiny bitch Behar dares Sharon Angle to

“come here bitch, come to New York and do it!”

Of course Joy Behar would run the other way with her tail between her legs if someone took her up on her challenge and run the other way like all progressives do. Then the fat doughy Sherri Shepherd started mocking Angle’s Christianity by going “oh, well pray for you!”

Then Joy Behar finally jumped the shark and said about Angle:

‘She’s Going to Hell, this Bitch!’

I must say that this show, and especially the cackling hags like Behar, Goldberg and Shepard are really perfect representatives of ABC. I guess this show is still relevant to the bon-bon eating progressives who sit at home all day living off a government paycheck. Surely it can’t be Slurpees since only evil Republicans drink those.

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  • Cindy In Florida

    CNN needs to wake up or be removed from TV as this station is becoming a threat to our national security. “My comment is awaiting moderation” before they will post it. Moderation for what?? Review by left-wing liberals who are making our country more and more vulnerable every day. It will be interesting to see if CNN posts my comment about left-winger Joy Behar who needs to be fired. It’s people like Joy and Obama who are weakening our country so it’s ripe for takeover by terriorist countries. I guess the left-wing liberals will finally get it when their freedom is nonexistant and then they can no longer make their idiotic comments, as they will then go unheard, and they will have no choice but to do as they are told! I’ve been watching CNN regularly for years but, one by one, their staff all turns hard-core left wing in a matter of time (Is this job security?). Nancy Grace is about all CNN has left with any common sense as she understands the minds of criminals who seem to be growing out-of-control in our country…meanwhile Joy and Obama aid them.

  • frank keefe

    This is how stupid and naive Behar is if she didnt think that attacking Sharron Angle like this would create a backlash not only from republicans but independants who increased donations to her campaign. And Im pretty sure they will vote for her on Nov 2nd and put the final nail in Reids coffin well done Joy Behar.From a very pleased Brit

  • Joseph Warner

    Joy Behar is a cunt hag. Someone should slap that piece of shit out of her chair and kick her in the ass as she crawls off the stage. What a piece of dung she and Rosie Odonnell are. They think anyone who disagrees with their stupidity is subhuman when they are the ones who are just above chimp status. And I feel bad for the chimps in saying that!

    Once upon a time people like her were ignored and ridiculed for their disgusting behavior. Now we put them on TV and give them a talk show. America is in rapid decline.

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  • Mar Matthias Darin

    As long as the liberals control the FCC, liberal “hate” speech is perfectly acceptable. Behar was so upset over the flowers, she had to spill more hate speech over that. Personally, I believe any station that allow such hateful speech should have its license reoked and a whopper of a fine.