Nut job Joy Behar about Sharron Angle on The View ‘She’s Going to Hell, That Bitch!’

joy-behar-tingle.jpgAh yes. Once again the cackling hags on The View need to draw attention to themselves. Today’s target was Sharron Angle for being “racist” by running against AGAINST illegal immigration. Whoopi Goldberg was on the show today, so Joy Behar had to pick up the slack I guess. According to BeHAG, we get the usual progressive liberal talking points about Angle. She’s stupid, a moron, evil, etc. Then the whiny bitch Behar dares Sharon Angle to

“come here bitch, come to New York and do it!”

Of course Joy Behar would run the other way with her tail between her legs if someone took her up on her challenge and run the other way like all progressives do. Then the fat doughy Sherri Shepherd started mocking Angle’s Christianity by going “oh, well pray for you!”

Then Joy Behar finally jumped the shark and said about Angle:

‘She’s Going to Hell, this Bitch!’

I must say that this show, and especially the cackling hags like Behar, Goldberg and Shepard are really perfect representatives of ABC. I guess this show is still relevant to the bon-bon eating progressives who sit at home all day living off a government paycheck. Surely it can’t be Slurpees since only evil Republicans drink those.