Michelle Obama wears a head scarf as the Obamas tour the Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia

Can’t say this is very flattering for Mrs. America hater.


You might find it interesting that the Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia doesn’t require non-Muslim woman to cover their heads with head scarfs. Instead, according to the Hindustan Times, Michele Obama wearing the head scarf was merely a “a sign of the Obamas’ efforts to show respect for the Islamic world”. Michelle didn’t look too pleased while “showing Muslims respect.”

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  • Jill Mola

    OK Barak Obama refuded to go to Sikh Religions Vatican the Golden Temple where both men and women cover the head as equals.

    But he when to a Moslem Mosque instead where Muslim Women must cover there heads while men do not have to because in Islam women are like dogs and pigs iferior to men.

    So Obama hates Hindus and Indians and equality of Golden Temple, but loves Islam and Mosque where women are less then equal to a dog even.

    OBAMA is a MULSIM why else would he make his woman cover the head but not his!

  • birther1957

    Where is Mooochelle’s right to bare arms now. lmao
    she is covered from head to toe. lol

  • http://freemadd.wordpress.com maddmedic

    That really brings the “I hate this” and fugly out in FLOTUS.

  • Mike

    Apparently ugly lime green pantsuits, head scarves, visible panty lines and scowls are the very, very height of fashion, dear.

    Rhoda Morgenstern’s mother was a fashion plate and didn’t know it.

  • John Carifidy

    By the look of her, she should have opted for the niqab.

  • Ted

    Wow…what a non headline…

  • http://facebook.com/zarina.khan3 Zarina rose

    I am sorry to say some ignorant people on this page that make ugly comments about a headscarf, wen a person goes into a holy place they have to show respect for other religions , you dont have to put religion down n make untrue comments that are not true at all… Islam is the first of the religions that gave womens rights, propertys. business statues in society, i would like to say before anyone of you make bad comments about others religion give a look at your own i dont think you have ever been to church n you make bad comments for people whom do even in this country women use to wear headscarfs tell me why they did then??? When women in Islam want to hid their modesty n live in peace without men of nowadays glaring at her n making rude comments or maybe even desiring her n falling in love with her..lols, just recently women in Islam a lot of women choose to wear the headscarf for their own self respect n peace of mind its not because they are FORCED to is that clear now??? I would suggest to the ignorant of the ignorants to read, study do some research of the religion ISLAM then make your comments thankyou…

  • http://maddmedic.wordpress.com maddmedic

    @zarina rose; Whatever..

  • TCP

    Wow, someone must really be working hard to find reasons to spew vitriol, if the fact that a woman wore undergarments seems like such a great opportunity. Honestly, if you don’t want to see panty lines, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

  • TC

    Zarina: seriously, do NOT try spinning what muslims believe in. I see how they treat the women in MY neighborhood and I would love to walk up and crapslap the (alledged) males – they act superior which DOES prove they ARE INferior. A smart man, does not follow what some dumas mufasa says – he HONORS his wife, which means placing her BEFORE his needs, not use them to meet HIS needs.

    The women ARE required to wear them. And just for the record, ANY religion that requires a woman to dress differently is garbage. I don’t care WHAT it is. As far as you spiel regarding having men dishonor by looking, um. thats on THEM, not the women. That is a HUGE difference. IF women were treated equally, than men would respect women for just being on this planet. They cannot control their lustful, sick thoughts: their bad. NOT the womans.

    shut the hell up and take your spew elsewhere. Like .. Saudi.

    and as for TCP : just say NO to crack and panty lines.. ANY woman knows when her clothes are too tight, apparently MO likes her clothes busting at the seams. And who decided big asses are attractive anyways? she needs to get bigger everything or get off that wide load and start walking the steps at the Mall

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