Democrat losers wipe away the tears on House floor

democrat-baby-logoSniff. ;_;

Poor little losers. You know how progressive liberal Democrats always like to mock Glenn Beck for his crying? Or even John Boehner when he cried on November 2nd when the Republicans crushed the Democrats? I wonder what these same Marixsts will say about the crying losers on the House floor today? According to The Hill, losers Debbie Halvorson and Dina Titus had to wipe away the tears as they returned to the House floor for the last time in their political careers after losing their re-election bid. Had I known these progressive liberals were going to pull a Glenn Beck, i would have helped “spread the wealth” and sent them a box of Kleenex.

Contrast this with victorious Republicans who slapped backs, shook hands and laughed with each other, while their dejected Democratic colleagues huddled in clusters consoling themselves.


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