Eight Republicans vote for the amnesty DREAM ACT in the House

obama-constitutionThe Nightmare Amnesty aka Dream Act passed in the House 216-198, with eight so called Republicans voting for it. The bill now goes to the Senate were most people expect it to fail, but who knows with the current crop of Republicans still in DC. The eight “Republicans” who voted for the Dream Act include the usual suspects like RINO and sore loser Mike Castle, RINO Bob Inglis, and outgoing fraud Joe Cao who also was the only Republican to vote for ObamaCARE.

Outgoing congressman Charles Djou also voted for this crap, which is a bit if a surprise for me because he seemed pretty conservative since he won his special election. The other voters included the Diaz-Balart brothers Mario and Lincoln, as well as Vern Ehlers of Michigan and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida.

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