Katie Couric: “We need a Muslim version of the Cosby Show”

ksmjk0Yea! Now there’s an idea. Katie Couric’s whos raiting cratered nearly as badly as Keith Olbermann’s in 2010 had a “2010 year in review” show. Not only did it feature her, but also Politico’s official Journolister Jonathan Martin and some comedian named Mo Rocca who I’ve never heard of. The webshow was your typical Katie Couric masterpiece, bashing Americans for having “short attention spans” and sucking up to Obama. Then the conversation turns. Katie Couric suggests a Muslim version of the Cosby Show. Here is the video of Katie Couric telling her “panel” how we are so “bigoted” against the poor Muslims, and how we need a “Muslim” version of the Cosby Show.

Any idea for names of the Muslim Cosby Show? “The Al-Quasby Show” sounds about right.

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