Classless Nancy Pelosi finally gives John Boehner the gavel after babbling on about herself

pelosiclown.jpgAfter babbling on longer than any outgoing House Speaker in recent memory and talking about all the crap and bs that Democrats jammed down America’s throats over the last four years, Nancy Pelosi proved yet again what a low class pile of pond scum she really is. Basically taking over the entire moment of the transfer for power, she even mocked Boehner’s “size of gavel” at one point. Absolutely pathetic.

Michelle Malkin summarized it perfectly:

Boehner cries, Pelosi lies: Singing praises of the Constitution and paying lip service to American exceptionalism.
Emetics of the day.
Pelosi won’t shut up: She’s breaking her arm patting herself on the back as 1st woman speaker, 1st Italian American speaker. Waves around kiddie human shields and cites litany of Nanny State “achievements” to spite GOP. Blathers about “fair prosperity.”
Update 2:00pm Eastern. She’s still going. Bitter clinger, clinging bitterly.
This is why we need someone with steel spine and no mercy.

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