Jared Lee Loughner is registered as an independent and last voted in the 2008

Doug Ross has a summary of information from various sources around the ‘net about the nutjob Jared Lee Loughner. On twitter, left wing nut jobs are passing around a photoshopped image of Loughner’s voting information. Of course, the only way one would obtain access to this information directly from the Secretary of State’s site would be if they had Loughner’s voter ID number or driver’s license number. As you would expect, the photoshopped image being circulated claims Loughner is registered as a Republican. Sadly for the left, their little lie has been exposed. Jared Lee Loughner is a registered independent, and hasn’t voted since 2008. This information was posted by Doug Ross (linked above), who quoted an Arizona newspaper. I trust the newspaper more than I do some pathetic attempt at photoshop by the left wing fringe. BTW, this was confirmed later in the day by the Washington Post. Back to the drawing board you far left nuts.

I can’t wait to see what the progressive liberal left will come up with next to tie Loughner to the right, and the tea parties.

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