Alan Colmes fawns over Al-Jazeera, gets destroyed by Bill O’Reilly

alan_colmes.jpgAlan Colmes has come a long way since being Sean Hannity’s personal punching bag on Hannity and Colmes. Now Colmes appears weekly on the O’Reilly Factor, America Live with Megyn Kelly and Follow the Money on Fox Business Network. Just like the days on Hannity and Colmes, he gets played for the idiot he is on all the shows. Tonight on the O’Reilly factor, Colmes like most far left loons in this country, including Sam Donaldson defended and praised the anti-America, anti-Semitic, terrorist propaganda network Al-Jazeera. O’Reilly had a near Barney Frank moment and went off on the clueless skeletor progressive nutball.

O’Reilly of course is looking to drum up ratings for his upcoming softball interview with Obama this coming Sunday, so don’t think O’Reilly is really changing his stripes. Video posted by Gateway Pundit, via Fox Nation.

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