Michelle Obama goes on another tax payer funded vacation to Vail Colorado

636-michelle-cookieBecause all the other vacations, and the “private” Spain vacation last year just weren’t enough for Michelle My Belle. Let them eat cake says Michelle Obama, as she pops off for another tax payer funded vacation to Vail Colorado.  Not only that, but according to White House Dossier, the idiot Joe Biden and his wife decided to pop off to Key Largo, Florida for a vacation.  How do you like that shared sacrifice thing now? If the “Lets Move” Queen was so anxious to go skiing why didn’t she go do a place in Virginia or Pennsylvania? There was certainly no shortage of snow in the east this year, despite the warmer nutters claim of Global Warming. Certainly would have cost less in transportation costs at least. But with the Obama’s let them eat cake attitude, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Mooch is allegedly staying at the Sebastian Hotel on Vail Mountain. Rooms cost anywhere from $605 to $2,000 per night. Let them eat cake!

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