Disgusting! Iraq war vet Anthony Maschek heckled and jeered at Columbia University

democrat-logoI guess the mask is finally come off these far left loons when it comes to war veterans like Anthony Maschek in this country. During the Vietnam War, veterans were heckled, spit on, booed, threatened, etc. Over the past couple of decades, progressive left wing loons tried to tone done their vile hatred of war veterans and didn’t do these sort of things. Instead, they protested the wars in Iraq, called Bush and Cheney war criminals, etc. Those were far easier targets. But now the mask is starting to slip off again. At a college like Columbia University which isn’t too far to the right of UC Berkeley, Iranian dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are invited to speak (like in 2007), cheered, and praised. But in 2011, Anthony Maschek, who broke both legs, suffered wounds to his abdomen, arm and chest gets jeered, called RACIST, and heckled for having to the audacity to participate in a town hall meeting discussing if ROTC should be allowed back on campus. It figures that Obama attended this disgusting cesspool in the early ’80s.

According to Fox News, Maschek was award a Purple Heart after being shot 11 times defending the country that lets these filthy progressive left wing loons boo and yell at him.

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  • DePauwUniversityBacker

    They hate everyone who is honorable, good and just. The persecution will only get worse as these creatures of darkness cannot abide light. God will repay.

    • http://113tidbits.com tonyknuckles

      These socialist pigs in these “upper-crust” schools have no idea what HONOR and VALOR are.

  • David

    The United States has invaded and continues to invade sovereign nations and murder innocent civilians as it seeks to impose its will on those nations.
    The leaders of the United States are war criminals and Anthony Maschek is complicit.

    • TurdStomper

      The shrill cries of hopelessness and despair. That is what I now hear from the American left since they were rejected and their dreams of a godless utopia have been exposed as mere fantasy. By the way, the only American war criminals are the cowards and traitors on the left who stab their own people in the back during times of crisis. You are not worthy to breathe the same air as Anthony Maschek. However, I agree with you that Obama may be a criminal.

    • lance

      David, you are what we call, “an ignorant fool”. Next time you see a vet, thank him for the liberty you have to talk your talk.

    • Neelism

      why do u have a picture of curious george w ur post?

  • austinsown81

    How I wish I was there to back up my brother, though ive never met him, I would have his fucking back in combat and in a cowardly and despicable situation like this. the people that booed him and heckled him have no idea what it takes to serve in combat, they are cowards

    • TurdBuster

      I couldn’t agree more.

      It should be pointed out that most Ivy League students or alumni will find the treatment of this brave Columbia U freshman despicable. What goes around comes around.

  • http://twitter.com/CrockettLives Bob Mack

    These are the younger versions of the same dishonorable lowlifes that currently infest the Democratic Party and the Obama *dministration (I will never award Obama an ‘A’). Salutes to Sgt. Maschek.

    Bob Mack
    U.S. Army, RVN ’67-’68

  • Cds924

    I am saddened to see this noble surviver have to receive this treatment. His survival is a miracle! This attitude is atypical for todays college student attending Columbia U.

  • http://113tidbits.com tonyknuckles

    If only this school were added to the “Defund Squad”

  • ronald maximus

    unfortunately these despicable students are going to be our future leaders
    GOD bless that young man & his fellow warriors who keep us safe & free.

  • Anonymous

    Our military is so effective in keeping us safe that people like this fill up our country and think the world is some friendly place and all you need to do is wave a peace sign everyone wants to have a picnic with you. I say, just for a day, we let the rest of the world into Columbia University. Then they can see what Mr. Maschek does for a living.

  • Buffy

    We will not be free for long if we have idiots at Columbia University defending us. This is exactly the problem with the administration they are all cowards. Keep an eye on the pirate issue , it speaks volumes about the country we have become ,since cowardly Obama has become President. He had to actually think about how to deal with these people. Here’s an idea SHOOT them then destroy their hiding places. The Romans described these animals as outlaws of humanity. If we can’t handle this small problem how can we possilbly handle any difficult issue like Egypt, Liyba or Bahrain. One last comment I catagorize Columbia University as an enemy of the state.

  • http://twitter.com/buffymcbuffy Doris Lombardi

    We will not be free for long if we have idiots at Columbia University defending us. This is exactly the problem with the administration they are all cowards. Keep an eye on the pirate issue , it speaks volumes about the country we have become ,since cowardly Obama has become President.

  • Justin

    Their hatred of war veterans shows up in Wikipedia as well when they label the History Channel as the “Hitler Channel” because of its WW2 programming. I guess they like spitting on their grandfathers, don’t they and living in a world dominated by Hitler, right?
    Wikipedia and the far-left are truly reprehensible people and it shows in the discussion panel of their diatribe against the History Channel. They hate anyone with differing view that they do.
    Any view not accepted by mainstream historians is pseudohistory as well, i.e. the Far-left, like history that espouses how wonderful this nation truly is for existing in the world. I hope these hateful people who spit on our ww2 veterans by calling the History Channel, the Hitler Channel, all get their butts kicked by real people and hot radical and hateful academics!