Disgusting! Iraq war vet Anthony Maschek heckled and jeered at Columbia University

democrat-logoI guess the mask is finally come off these far left loons when it comes to war veterans like Anthony Maschek in this country. During the Vietnam War, veterans were heckled, spit on, booed, threatened, etc. Over the past couple of decades, progressive left wing loons tried to tone done their vile hatred of war veterans and didn’t do these sort of things. Instead, they protested the wars in Iraq, called Bush and Cheney war criminals, etc. Those were far easier targets. But now the mask is starting to slip off again. At a college like Columbia University which isn’t too far to the right of UC Berkeley, Iranian dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are invited to speak (like in 2007), cheered, and praised. But in 2011, Anthony Maschek, who broke both legs, suffered wounds to his abdomen, arm and chest gets jeered, called RACIST, and heckled for having to the audacity to participate in a town hall meeting discussing if ROTC should be allowed back on campus. It figures that Obama attended this disgusting cesspool in the early ’80s.

According to Fox News, Maschek was award a Purple Heart after being shot 11 times defending the country that lets these filthy progressive left wing loons boo and yell at him.

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