Wisconsin Doctors who issued fake “sick notes” getting slammed from all over America

Not exactly a smart move you quack doctors! According to an AP story hosted at CBSNEWS, the doctors (I have a hard time actually calling them that) are getting hostile phone calls and Facebook messages from across America! Good! Some of the phone calls e-mails from the angry people are saying that these crackpot doctors deserve to be thrown in jail! I couldn’t agree more. But don’t worry, the doctors have an excuse! One of the doctors named Lou Sanner who admitted to the AP that he gave out hundreds of notes, claims that these “protesters” were just too “stressed” to work. Not too stressed to protest though.

“Some people think it’s a nod-and-a-wink thing but it’s not,” he told The Associated Press on Sunday. “One of the biggest stresses in life is the threat of loss of income, loss of job, loss of health insurance. People have actually been getting ill from this, or they can’t sleep.”

I’m sorry if I made you laugh too hard. Free Republic posted some of the names of the doctors who were “allegedly” writing fake passes for “sick teachers.”

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