VIDEO: Myths vs. Facts of the Wisconsin union thug protests – and how to “speak teabagger”

The Heritage Foundation sent a team to Wisconsin to report on the action of the union thugs and goons. They also posted a very revealing video that captures the claims of pro-union protesters as well as state Sen. Leah Vukmir, a Republican supporter of Walker’s budget plan. Heritage says that the protests were notably organized, with signs posted throughout the Capitol building providing “media talking points” for protesters. At least one taught protesters “how to talk to teabaggers.”

“They will be trying to provoke you!” the sign proclaimed. Perhaps because of the promptings of such signs, many protesters refused to speak with us when we identified ourselves as with The Heritage Foundation.

“You’re against everything we stand for,” one said. Another said, “In case you don’t know, you work for an organization with a bad reputation.” Yet another said, “Stand there too long and you might not have your equipment.” When we asked if that meant he was threatening us, he said, “That means whatever you want it to mean.”

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