Another worthless Marxist Democrat to retire after 2012 – Hawaii’s Daniel Akaka

democrat-logoDaniel Akaka is 86 years old, so it’s beyond the point of saying it’s about time this Marxist progressive Democrat retires, it’s going to happen (finally.) Being that this is Hawaii, there’s really no chance of a Republican winning the seat in 2012, so it wouldn’t affect the balance of power at risk in the 2012 elections. Even if by some slim chance a Republican would be competitive in this race, and eek out a win against whoever the new Marxist is, it would be someone like former governor, Linda Lingle. Uh. No thanks.

All I can say to Mr. Akaka is, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and join Joe Biden’s favorite retirement place, The Villages.

Aloha Mr. Akaka!

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